Awards of Recognition November 2019

Film festival awards

Award of Recognition words JPGAmanda May (Canada), The Scar Runs through The Pupil, Experimental (Student)
Amy Leigh McCorkle (USA), Letters to Daniel: The Motion Picture, Disability Issues
Banning K. Lary (USA), Social Class Stratification and Mobility in the World, Educational / Instructional / Training
Bill Gebhart (USA), The Ledges, Documentary Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Bradley Leonard and Cheryl Felicia Rhoads, Next Indicated Action Productions (USA), REUNION, Actress: Leading (Cheryl Felicia Rhoads as Peggy Clark), Film Short, Actress: Supporting (Lily Graves as Jackie Heyward), Direction (Bradley Leonard)
Bryan Siceloff (USA), Remember Me, Documentary Short
Chuck Marra and Megan Foley Marra (USA), TRANSIT, Actor: Leading (Wayne Lee as Kevin), Asian, Film Short, LGBT
Dalton Burdette (USA), Contrition, Actor: Leading (Dalton Burdette  as Daryl Jenkins), Film Short
Danielle Hazelton (USA), The Silence Between, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Donald Tjernagel (USA), Love Struck Sick, Film Feature
Fadi Ragheb (Kuwait), Eyewitness, Documentary Short
Fella Cederbaum (USA), Thud, Music Video and No Gyroscope, Movie Trailer and When Thoughts Stick To Your Mind, Film Short and The Door, Film Short and Racing To Enlightenment, Film Short

Recognition Colorful

Fran Matera, Arizona State University’s Cronkite Public Relations Lab (USA), African Humphrey Voices: Jake Okechukwu Effoduh, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Webisode / Web series, Use of Film / Video to Enhance Website, College / University / Government, Special Purpose Internet Productions
Fran Matera, Arizona State University’s Cronkite Public Relations Lab (USA), Save the Date to Power Up with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Health / Medicine / Science
Gary O. Bennett (USA), Barracuda, Actress: Leading (Student) (Carolina de’Castiglioni as Zoe)
Heather Waters (Australia), You Were Chosen, Movie Trailer
Hiroki Ohsawa (USA), NihonGO NOW!, Web Series
Ignacio Rivera, Gleeson Rebello and John Ventura (USA), Words Kill, Music Video
Jean-Arneau Filtness (France), The Peasant of the Danube by Jean de La Fontaine, Film Short
Jess   M. Gonzales and Leona Garzelli (USA), Gift From The Heart, Film Short
Johnny Vonneumann (USA), An American In Europe, Music Video
Karina Ulrike Sturm (USA), We Are Visible, Disability Issues (Student) (Descriptive Audio by Caitlin Hernandez), Health / Medicine / Science (Student), Documentary Feature (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student), Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising (Student)
Kem Schmalzer (USA), For All You Live For, Seat Belts Save Lives, Public Service Programming / PSA
Lorraine Reyes (USA), House Call, Special Purpose Productions
M Carpenter (USA), The Threat of Ozone Depletion PSA/La Amenaza del Agotamiento del Ozono PSA, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger


Recognition Colorful

Marcelo Vogelaar, Graciela Guarani, Alexandre Pankararu, Tiago Dezan, Leo Otero and Thomas Pedro (United Kingdom), My Blood Is Red, Documentary Feature
Michael Kureth (USA), Whiteboard Challenge, Television – Pilot Program
Molly Schreiber (USA), I Hate to Valet, Music Video
Monnoj Baishya (India), Rising Sun, Disability Issues
Mukesh Asopa (Canada), DEPTH OF PYAAR, Actor: Leading (Mukesh Asopa as Ansh Sharma)
Nauman Qureshi (United Kingdom), Eniah – The Fire, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Nicole Conn (USA), More Beautiful…for Having Been Broken, Actor: Leading (Cale Ferrin as Freddie)
Peggy Lane  (USA), Donna On The Go: MEETING and Donna On The Go: MAMMA, Disability Issues
Perry Schwartz (USA), The Language of Film, Educational / Instructional / Training
Randy Mason (USA), Falling Back to One, Music Video
Reeth Mazumder (Canada), You May Kiss The Bride, Women Filmmakers
Rodney Roldan (USA), Stories from the Unknown, Movie Trailer
Rohit Gupta (India), Masala Steps, Film Short
Stephie Rolloff, Stephie’s Possible Anythings, Nevada State College (USA), Card Tricks, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Tania Luna (USA), The Last Rodriguez, Latin / Hispanic, Webisode, Women Filmmakers
The Church of Almighty God (USA), Yearning, Christian
Timothy Collins (USA), Maelstrom, Film Short (Student)
Travis Brown (USA), The Norwalk Witness, Women Filmmakers
Valentine Aprile (USA), VAL, Webisode
Yuko Hirata and Aung Thu Rein (Myanmar), The Golden Rockers!!, Asian


Accolade film festival winners