Awards of Merit August 2015

Film festival awards

Award of Merit Special MentionFilm Festival Accolade

Chris Smellin (Australia), Zero, Film Short
Dannika Horvat, Swinburne University (Australia), The Summer Of ABC Burns, Film Short (Student)
Didier Theodore (Canada), REMOVE, Cinematography
Eva Daoud (Bahrain), A Spring Has Passed By, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Actor: Leading (Adnan Aschamat)
Filippo Capuzzi Lapietra (Brazil), The House Job, Film Short
Gunnar Tørnes (Norway), MONICA, Film Short (Student)
Hoyt Richards, Tortoise Entertainment (USA), INTERSECTION, Actor: Leading (Hoyt Richards as Cobb Mills)
Joseph Pernice (USA), Chasing Yesterday, Film Feature
Lourdes Alcaniz and Luis Perea (USA), 40 Weeks… And a Half!, Educational / Instructional / Training, Webisode, Women Filmmakers, Latin / Hispanic
Luke Davies, Met Film School London, Ealing Studios (United Kingdom), Unleaded, Film Short (Student)
Matthew Hindle (United Kingdom), Self Help, Film Short
Mehrdad Eghbali (Malaysia), Now We Are Taller Than Trees, Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student)
Melissa Bank (USA), Siren, Film Short (Student)
Phillip Klimek, Swinburne University (Australia), The First Stone, Film Short (Student)
Rob Lobosco (Australia), FATE – It is what it is!, Actor: Leading (Rob Lobosco as Tony and Lewis)
Rodney Vance (USA), Napa Valley Dreams, Documentary Short
Shu-Ting LIANG and Jimmy Hsu (Taiwan), Cocoon, Actress: Leading (Student) (Shu-Ting Liang as Xiang)
Stephanie Gardner (USA), If I Had A Piano (I’d Play You The Blues), Women Filmmakers
Tony Schweikle, Tony Randel and Peter Wooley(USA), Hybrids, Film Feature (with Paul Sorvino)
Xia Li (USA), In the forest, Animation (Student)

Film festival awards

90th Parallel Productions (Canada), Two of a Kind, Documentary Feature
Aimee Ng and Grant Chang, The Perfect Asian Pear Productions (USA), Finding You, Film Short
Ajitesh Sharma (India), She & Me, Music Video and The Call of the Tarots, Film Short
Alexis Cook, Swinburne University (Australia), Honalee, Film Short (Student)
Alicia Arinella (USA), What You Can Do, Public Service Programming / PSA
Álvaro H. Blanco (USA), Gotta Serve Somebody, Documentary Short (Student)
Andrew Thorn (Australia), LAKE of FIRE, Film Short, Christian
Annie Thiele, Swinburne University (Australia), Broken, Film Short (Student)
Armin Thalhammer, FH Salzburg (Austria/Germany), Cerro Rico – The Silver Mountain, Documentary Short (Student)
Arnold Giskin (Russian Federation), Seek the light, Documentary Short
Brandon Polanco and Ian Kevin Scott (USA), Alchemy, Experimental, Film Short
Brett Elam (USA), Old Town, Television – Pilot Program
Camille de Galbert (USA), Simon, Experimental
Carolyn Jones (USA), The American Nurse, Documentary Feature
Cesare Furesi (Italy), without leaving home, Experimental
Cheryl Hassen (Canada), In A Cobweb, Women Filmmakers, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples, Original Score (In A Cobweb by Alasdair MacLean)
Dagogo Diminas (Nigeria), STIGMA, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Damon Silvester (USA), KILL ME, Latin / Hispanic
Dan Noah (Australia), According To Ben Adams, Film Feature
Daniel Blake Smith (USA), Texas Heart, Film Feature
David Huffman and Eric Keith, Capstone Entertainment Group (USA), Fork, Film Short
David M. Raynor (Australia), Karlisha & Morgan, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Karlisha Hurley as Morgan Jenkins)
Diablo Dean (USA), Deet n Bax Save the World, Film Feature
Didier Theodore (Canada), REMOVE, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Kevin Desmarescaux as Alex Morel)
Esquire Jauchem (USA), BONDAGE, Asian American, Actor: Leading (Ryun Yu as Mark)
Fuzzy Gerdes (USA), Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers, Television – Program / Series, Webisode, Web / Internet Programming, Actor: Leading (Steve Gadlin)

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George Abi-Hanna (Lebanon / USA), claustrophilia, Experimental
Gian Smith (USA), The Adulterer, African American
Gii Ness-Chang (Australia), Two Lives, Film Short (Student)
Heloise Magny (Canada), Helena’s Dream, Animation
Holger Klussmann (Germany), The Inner Life, Documentary Feature
Hyun-Mi Park (Korea), Sick World, Documentary Feature
James Hartley and James Shepherd (Australia), Twisted, Film Short
Jaswant Dev Shrestha (USA), The Treason, Actor: Leading (Jaswant Dev Shrestha as Jorge), Script / Writer
Jane Rosemont (USA), Pie Lady of Pie Town, Documentary Short
Jay Stern (USA), The Adventures of Paul and Marian, Film Feature
Jeanne Meyers (USA), Laguna Beach Eco Heroes, Documentary Short
Jeffrey From, Vassar College Department of Film (USA), 2:48, Film Short (Student)
Jennie Crystle (USA), Game On, Film Short, Children / Family Programming
Jil Guyon (USA), Desert Widow, Experimental
Joseph Forsberg and Kristian Hanson (USA), Shadow Theory, Film Short
Julie Marron (USA), Happygram, Documentary Feature
Kathy Fleig (USA), Lost and Broken, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Script / Writer
Kendra Williford (USA), Leonid in Space, Animation (Student)
Kyra Gardner (USA), Past Presence, Women Filmmakers (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Lijie Feng (USA), Off The Record, Asian American (Student)

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Mariana Conde (United Kingdom), C.T.R.L, Women Filmmakers
Marjan Radanovich, Acting Studio Brothers Vajevec (Slovenia), Traces of Life, Film Short
Matthew Kudej (USA), The Utterly Amazing Web Series: History of Cloud Computing, Webisode, Animation
Mattias Löw (Sweden), ALL THE WORLD IN A DESIGN SCHOOL, Documentary Feature
May Taherzadeh (Malawi), Mercy’s Blessing, Women Filmmakers
Melanie Star Scot, Topp Scot Productions (USA), Sangria Lift, Actress: Supporting (Tarra Conner Jones as Eve), Original Song (I See You by Connor Muhl and Tony Smiley)
Melanie Star Scot, Topp Scot Productions (USA), Quitter, Personal Growth
Michael A. MacRae (USA), The First Step, Film Short
Mo-tivation Unlimited (USA), Pro-Ana, Film Short
Mykyta Samusiev and Alex Lampsos(USA), Death of a Government Clerk, Film Short (Student)
Natalie Camou (USA), Her Lips, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Noah Rosenstein (USA), Over the Coals : Santa Maria the BBQ Capitol of the World, Documentary Short
Nora Dorian (Spain), Beyond Limits, Disability Issues
Pedro Contreras (Spain), La Mañana de Salzillo Suite, Original Score (La Mañana de Salzillo Suite by Pedro Contreras)
Peter Fearon (United Kingdom), Hidden from View, Film Feature
Preben Steen Nielsen (Denmark), BLOOD BROTHERS, Film Short
Randy Van Dyke and David Edmundson (USA), Non-Stop to Comic-Con, Film Feature, Humor / Humorist
Ricardo Preve (USA), The Patagonian Bones, Documentary Short
Rob Lobosco (Australia), FATE – It is what it is!, Film Short
Robert Kerr (USA), At the End of the Line, Jewish
Rodney Vance (USA), The Butterfly, The Harp and The Timepiece, Film Short
Romina Schwedler (USA), Bad Connections, Commercial / Infomercial, Women Filmmakers
Tianwei Wang (USA), My Spicy Grandma, Film Short (Student)
Tim Spelman (Australia), Exhibitionist, Music Video
Voki Kalfayan, Mike Thompson, AD and Amos Glick (USA), A Man Wakes Up, Film Short
Yimin Wang (China), Offspring of Mount Tianshan, Film Short, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Direction
Yoomi Kim (USA), End & Eternity, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Youcef Mahmoudi (France), KOSMODROME, Film Short


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