Awards of Recognition August 2015

Film festival awards

Award of Recognition words JPG
Aidan Otene Dickens (New Zealand)
, Sophie’s Den, Film Short (Student)
Aleksey Berdennikov (Russia), Fyva, Film Feature
Bill Gebhart (USA), Remember, Creativity / Originality, Editing
Brandon Chappell (USA), SPOOF, Christian
Candace Egan (USA), College Career Boot Camp 2015, College / University / Government
Carole Eglash-Kosoff (USA), The Life & Art of David Labkovski, Documentary Short
Chae Yoon Jang and Chae Youn Jang (Republic of Korea), Encounters with Hope in Cambodia, Documentary Short (Student), Special Purpose Productions (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Chris Preyor and Mario Gutierrez (USA), Open Wounds, Film Short
Christophe Karabache (France ), Lamia, Film Feature
Cynthia Bravo (USA), The Last Night Inn, Film Feature
Damien Dematra (Indonesia), The Village Boy, Film Feature
Dan Jonathan (USA), Malibu Living, Film Short (Student)
Daniel Goldberg (USA), Stationary, Film Short, Creativity / Originality, Direction, Script / Writer
Darcy Wilkins, Louisiana Sea Grant (USA), The Telling Tide, Special Purpose Productions
David Reiss (USA), Restorative Rhythms: The POWER of MUSIC THERAPY, Documentary Short
Debbie Coutant (USA), The Making of a Ketubah Artist, Documentary Short (Student)
Delka Nenkova and Will V. Moore (USA), DELKA: Stand-Up Tall or Fall, Film Feature
Donald Watson (USA), Whitey, Actor: Leading (Donald Watson as Whitey)
Elyse Ostrow (USA), Donald’s Mom, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Emily Bayrock (Canada), Taking the Bullet, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Firas Aladai (USA), Winter, Film Feature (Student)
George Abi-Hanna (Lebanon / USA), claustrophilia, Film Short
George M. Goodenough (USA), Billy and Tina, Script / Writer
Girard Tecson (USA), Super Debt, Web/Internet Programming (Student)

Recognition Colorful

Hank Isaac (USA), The Last Day of April – Teaser, Movie Trailer
Jameson Hargear, Vassar College Department of Film (USA), Leonard, Film Short (Student)
Jason Rose (USA), Vivian Tam – Aerial Acrobat, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays, Entertainment / Drama / Dance / Variety, Editing and Livin’ SoCal Episode 6: Body and Sol Swimwear, Webisode
Jennie Crystle (USA), Game On, Television – Pilot Program, Women Filmmakers, Comedy Program / Series
Joan Allemand, Ph.D. and Alexander Roman (USA), An Appreciation: The Work Of Juan Quezada, Documentary Short
Joe Bland, Bland Productions (USA), Imperium, Film Short
John Kivell (Canada), Dale Hasta Abajo, Music Video
Joseph Villapaz (USA), 14 DAYS, Experimental
Karen Gall (Australia), REDEMPTION ‘People Can Change’, Documentary Short
Ken Davenport (USA), The Bunny Hole, Television – Pilot Program
Ken Gora (USA), THE ROMANCE, Reality Programming
Kevin Michael Irvine (USA), AS LONG AS IT TAKES, Film Feature
Kevin Veatch (USA), Runaway Imagination, Film Short
Kinga Kowalczyk (USA), Silent Hall of Fame Documentary, Documentary Short
Koji Hirano (Japan), Tamago, Film Feature
Lauren Rothman (USA), Embargo on Love, Documentary Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Linda Niksic (Australia), Homeless Joe, Animation, Women Filmmakers
Malati Patil and Jacob Byrd, Jacala Productions LLC., (USA), Sue, Film Feature
Mathew John Pearson and Ronalis Naveo (USA), Carlos, Experimental
Mathivanan Sakthivel (Australia), Maha Maha, Film Feature
Matt Hausmann (USA), The Bigfoot Hunters, Film Short
Matt Orefice (USA), Bubble Bubble Meows and the Lame-O Baby Jib, Children / Family Programming
Max Novick (USA), Crystal, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Melanie Star Scot, Topp Scot Productions (USA), Sangria Lift, Film Short, Actor: Leading (David Topp as Michael), Women Filmmakers
Melanie Star Scot, Topp Scot Productions (USA), Quitter, Women Filmmakers, Fitness / Nutrition

Recognition Colorful

Michael Austin (USA), Allegories in the Garage: Relevance & Obsolescence, Film Short
Nadya Shah (USA), It takes two Hands to Clap, Documentary Short
Natalie Camou (USA), Her Lips, Film Short (Student), Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Natasha Dematra (Indonesia), Tears Of Ghost, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Nien Han-Wen (Taiwan), Sweeter Than My Drink, Film Short (Student)
Nina Schiena (Germany), MEMENTO MORI, Film Short (Student)
Nora Dorian (Spain), Beyond Limits, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Paul S Berry, MD (USA), Making it with Moraes, Reality Programming, Pilot Program/Series, Movie Trailer
Ralph Isenberg and Joe de la Fuente / JR Media Company (USA), El Gringo Schindler, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Robin de Zwart (Canada), Circular, Actress: Leading (Student) (Eva de Zwart as Natalie), Actor: Supporting (Student) (Robin de Zwart as Lucas), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Round Table Pictures (USA), Lorelai, Music Video, Direction (Jennifer Nicole Stang)
Rudi Azank (USA), While Waiting for Godot [Season 2], Web / Internet Programming
Ryan Paige (United Kingdom), Beauty in the Beast, Film Short, Art Direction
Stanlee Ohikhuare (Nigeria), COMMON MAN, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Tsubasa Matsumoto, New York University (Japan), I AM IN YOUR BED, Film Short (Student)
Tyler Pochop (USA), The Right Person, Film Short (Student)
Wuheyou and Zhang Yang (China), Lake Amber, Documentary Feature
Yelena Sabel (USA), Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales, Women Filmmakers
Zack Scott (USA), Superfan, Film Short