Awards of Recognition August 2021

Film festival awards

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Alanna Naomi Crouch and Keira Nicole Crouch (United Kingdom), Hollow, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Alex Kannan (USA), La Cita (The Appointment), Documentary Short, Latin / Hispanic
Ana A P Braunstein (USA), This Case & My Life, Actress: Leading (Ana A P Braunstein as Kathy Welch), Actress: Supporting (Claire Waterhouse as Bridget Glenn), Film Short
Ann-Maree Graham (Australia), Behind Murmuring, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Bo Apostolache (USA), POLES: A BIPOLAR STORY, Film Short, Disability Issues
Bumba Ibrahim (Ghana), Think Back Movie, Film Feature
Chris Caccioppoli (USA), Vax, Direction
Christina Pietrowski (USA), The Spiritual Warriors: Danza Omecoatl, Documentary Short, Native Peoples
Dan Tudor (Romania), THE HOUSE WITH ONE MAN, Film Short, Actor: Supporting (Dan Tudor as Louis)
Dina Six (USA), The Movement, Christian Screenplay
Dion Voss (Australia), Live A Little Die A Lot, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Elisha Moore as Madelaine Reynolds)
Don Tjernagel (USA), SIN, Film Feature
Elizabeth Usher, Catrina Seiffert and Ben Chai (Australia/USA), Pat Pattison’s Curse, Music Video, Original Song (Written by Catrina Seiffert and Elizabeth Usher)

Recognition Colorful

Elizabeth Usher, Robin Ruddy and Ben Chai (Australia/USA), Christmas on an Island, Music Video, Original Song (Written by Robin Ruddy and Elizabeth Usher)
Geoff McLeod (Australia), The Childeater, Actress: Leading (Charlotte Ridley as Darcy)
Hannie May and Shaoxin Wang (USA), CAtalyst, Actress: Leading (Student) (Hannie May as Joanna), Webisode (Student)
Harmeet Singh Grewal (USA), Mirror Mirror, Film Short, Direction
Harrie Verstappen (Curaçao), Edgar Palm in Otrabanda, History / Biographical
Isabel Fryszberg (Canada), End Of An Era, Music Video, Original Song (Composed by Isabel Fryszberg, Asher Ettinger and Rebecca Campbell)
Jeremy Northcote (Australia), Mountain Bear, Music Video, Original Song (Composed by Don P.,  Epistra, Anno Domini Nation and Jeremy Northcote)
John Lawrence Johnsen (USA), Snake Oil: The Paranormal Carnival, Documentary Feature
Johnse Martin Jose (India), Jeevan, Film Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Lanessa Miller and Ahren Buchheister (USA), This Time, Music Video, Women Filmmakers
Lanessa Miller Studio  (USA), Baptized In Jordan, Christian


Recognition Colorful

Lyralen Kaye (USA), Assigned Female at Birth, Season 2 Episode 1, Webisode, LGBTQ+
Malik S. Bailey (USA), Betrayal, Film Short, Editing
Margie Kelk (Canada), Half of Everything, Experimental, Animation
Mark Lacy jr (USA), MarkVision, Documentary Short
Mark Tarrant and Otto Khoo (Australia), Devil in a Lawyers Suit – a Rapist Posthumous Logos, Documentary Short
Matthew Francis Valvardi and Lizzie Dean (USA), Poseidon’s Crush, Actor: Leading (Matt Valvardi as Callan)
Melanie Belmonte (Spain), Matrixfication, Experimental
Meral Uslu, Paul Cohen, Martijn van Haalen and Maria Mok (Netherlands), Lifelines, Documentary Feature
Paul James Houghton (USA), From Under The Bridge: When Bullies Become Trolls, Actor: Supporting (Luc Clopton as Kyle Badger), Actress: Leading (Piper Reese as Clare Taylor), Actress: Supporting (Sara Wolfkind as Stacey Brown)
Paula McTaggart (New Zealand), Italians, Documentary Short, Direction

Recognition Colorful

Peter Stewart (USA), Three Lighthouses, Christian
Piero Cannata (Italy), ROMANCE, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Maria Luce Bondì as Girl)
Rajen Das (India), LIFE IN A PUPPET, Film Feature
Ralph Isenberg and Joe De La Fuente (USA), Four Motherless Children, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Robyn Stalson, Rox Dare and Nick Wilson (USA), Adventures of Zizwe, Webisode
Rose Collis (United Kingdom), The Boy and The Bear, LGBTQ+
Sharon Sadeghinia (USA), Call to Action, Documentary Short, Educational / Instructional / Training
Shihyun Wang (USA), Messages From Another Time, Web Series
Steven Hoffen (USA), Growing Peace in the Middle East, Documentary Short (Student), Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Talamieka W. Brice (USA), 5, A Mother’s Journey, African American, Documentary Feature, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Women Filmmakers
Tina A. Wake (Australia), I’m Super, Disability Issues
Tomek P. Chenczke (Portugal), Floaters, Film Short
Travis Mills (USA), The Pleasant Valley War, Documentary Feature
Van Allen Cooper (USA), Jonnie Sunset, Film Short, Actress: Supporting (Rachel Taggart as Professor Bernard)
Vir Srinivas (Australia), Orders from Above, Jewish (Student)
Will Altemeier (USA), The Demons We Carry, Film Short (Student)
Yantra de Vilder (Australia), Have We Paid Our Dues?, Music Video


Accolade film festival winners