Awards of Recognition May 2023

Film festival awards

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Abner Vargas (USA), Future Leftovers, Editing, Film Short
Al Dubinsky (USA), The Redeemables, Television – Program / Series
Amia Datts-Voluntad (USA), The Reconnection, Christian (Student), Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student)
Aulio Ivan Ortiz Kokos (USA), The Last Call, Film Short
Bella Cruz (USA), 180, Actress: Leading (Bella Cruz as Olivia Cabot), Film Short, Script / Writer (Bella Cruz)
Ben Murphy (USA), Dripping with Tension, Film Short, Dramatic Impact, Script / Writer
Benjamin Strickland (USA), No Limits No Refunds, Documentary Short, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Blanca Palomo (USA), Constellations, Music Video, On-Camera Talent (Sól), Direction
Britta Jeromin (Colombia), JOURNEY TO THE ORIGIN OF BUDDHISM, Pilgrimage to Nepal and North India, Sound: Overall Impact (Michael Wondra)
Carol McPhee (Canada), The Paragraph, Script / Writer
Damiano Rossi (Italy), SMELL OF PAIN – T, Music Video
Dan J. McDougall (Canada), One More Trip in the Bike, Music Video, On-Camera Talent (Dan McDougall)
Daniel E Kennedy (USA), heal the disconnect, Documentary Short (Student), Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Danny Lopez (USA), When Death Comes Knocking, Film Feature
Darryl M. Haase (USA), HOLLYWOOD’S PASTOR The H.K. Rasbach Story, Documentary Short, Religion / Ethics
Eric A. Eisenstein (USA), Reset, Direction
Florence Cazebon (France), The priory of Sion published  by Editions Edilivre in Erance, Script / Writer
Frances Barth (USA), Cock Robin, Film Short
Genyva Salas Monjaras and Mingo Mariano (USA), Tejanas Unidas En Cristo Documentary Series Extended Version, Documentary Feature

Recognition Colorful

Ginita Sunaina, Global Tara Entertainment  (India), Conficted, Film Short
Graham Pike (United Kingdom), Detective Stories, Music Video, Direction, Original Song
Grayson R. Reed (USA), DIY Music Communities of Fort Collins, Documentary Short (Student)
Greta March (USA), A Single Thread, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Alexander Ames as Nick), Actress: Leading (Stephanie Dees as Sophie)
Guillermo Pastor (Canada), 3 Nights, Film Short
Guillermo Rosabal-Coto (Costa Rica), We are the music, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Hamad Abdulla Ali (USA), Hooves, Islamic (Student)
Harry Waldman (USA), Enter the Room, Film Short, Direction
Holden Brandenstein (USA), Die Jäger, Film Short (Student)
Jamieson Tabb (USA), Glory & Injustice, Disability Issues
Jason Gonzalez (USA), Maluna, Editing, Film Short, Latin / Hispanic, Script / Writer, Special Effects: Non-Animation
Josh Goldberg (USA), Morning, A Journey: A Visual Album, Jewish
Josh Minnie (USA), Jewel of the Dragon’s Skull, Concept, Creativity / Originality
Joshua T. McQueen (USA), Ice Creamatorium, Script / Writer
Kevin Williams (USA), Hey, I’m The Doorguy!, Ensemble Cast
Keyonda Marie Smith, PhD (USA), Still Steal Away, Educational / Instructional / Training
Kris Bailey (USA), I Am… Brihanna Jayde, Documentary Short, Cinematography, LGBTQ+
Luis Arrieta (Mexico), April Fool’s Day, Concept
Mark Wagner (USA), L.A. Molly Gray, Experimental (Student)
Mary Hanlon (USA), The Mirrored Road, Women Filmmakers
Mira Maria Simi (Italy), Breathe, Christian, Film Short, Ensemble Cast
Monica Sofia Liendo (Canada), Engagement Foundation, Public Service Programming / PSA (Student)


Recognition Colorful

Nancy Estella Wyllie (USA), Twenty Square Feet, Documentary Short
Natalia Ervits (Germany), Children’s Album, Experimental
Pablo Velho (USA), Lucas, LGBTQ+ (Student)
Pat Mitchell (USA), Apples, Oranges, Lemons & Limes, Entertainment / Drama / Dance / Variety, Film Short
Paul May (Canada), Far Horizon:  Flat Earth vs NASA, Mockumentary
Philippe Létang (France), SPIKE GAME, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Nicolas Livanis as Felix), Direction
Regina González (USA), EMBER ALERT, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student)
Sabrina Dubner (USA), The Deal of The Century, Film Short (Student)
Sash Nakamoto (Japan), RACE, Native Peoples, Web Series
Sean Alexander Carney (United Kingdom), Remembering Nearfield, Disability Issues, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Animation
Shang Jung Wu (Taiwan), HEROES AND PUPPETS, Asian
Shihyun Wang (Argentina), The Hyper & Hope of Angentina, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Shihyun Wang (Austria), Dysability, Disability Issues
Shihyun Wang (Uruguay), Stories about the Past, Present and Future, Latin / Hispanic
Vanessa Arcia (USA), Fixation, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Vanessa Arcia as Valery)
Veronica Small (USA), A Little Taste of Heaven, Christian
Zhifan Zhang (China), HELLO, MOM, Children / Family Programming

Recognition Colorful


Accolade film festival winners