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Accolade winners

Miranda’s Victim – Michelle Danner

Accolade Globel Film Competition Film Festival Oscar winners to new talent

Michelle Danner (USA), Miranda’s Victim, Film Feature – “Miranda’s Victim” is the brilliant product of a captivating script meeting exceptionally deft direction, beautiful technical craft and achingly authentic performances from a truly all-star cast. Led by Oscar-nominee Abigail Breslin, it’s 1963 when eighteen-year-old Trish Weir is kidnapped and brutally raped at knife-point. Committed to putting Ernesto Miranda in prison, Trish’s life is destroyed by America’s legal system as she triggers a law that transforms the Nation. Trish’s story provocatively unfolds from multiple angles, from her perspective and those of her family, the legal system and her attacker. Splendid and nuanced performances from Oscar-Nominee Andy Garcia as Miranda’s attorney, Honorary Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe winner the iconic Donald Sutherland as Judge Wren, Emmy-winner Luke Wilson as Weir’s kindly lawyer, Emmy-nominee and Golden Globe winner Kyle MacLachlan as Chief Justice Warren, skillfully portrayed emotions from Emily VanCamp (Revenge) as the supportive sister, Ryan Phillippe (Crash) as the slick ACLU attorney, Taryn Manning (Orange is the New Black) as the long-suffering common-law wife, Enrique Murciano (Without a Trace) as the dogged detective with a heart, Sebastian Quinn (NCIS) as Miranda, and an emotionally complex performance by Emmy-nominee Mireille Enos as her mother trying to protect her from the harsh realities of rape victims of her time. Supported by period perfect production design from Rick Butler and Lily Guerin, with fantastic cinematography from Emmy-nominated Pierluigi Gigi Malavas, creative editing from Teferi Seifu (Runner) and moving original music from Holly Amber Church (The Unsettling). Navesink River Productions / All In Films

Little Emma – Toonz / Gold Valley Films China

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival from Oscar WInners to new talent
Leo Liao (Lewis) (USA / China), Little Emma, Animated Feature – Emma, a miniature human girl adopted by animal parents, yearns to find the truth about her human roots. But when she discovers a hidden island full of tiny humans, it’s not the fairy tale she hoped for. Will she risk all she’s ever known to uncover secrets from her past? What follows is a charming tale of right, wrong, betrayal, freedom, belonging, family and love – depicted through charming and engaging characters – with enough of an “edge” to keep modern audiences entertained. Little Emma is a co-production between Toonz and Gold Valley Films China. The film is directed by Leo (Lewis) Liao (Ella and the Little Sorcerer, Mulan: Princess Warrior) and written by Alyce Tzue (Soar, Steps). The movie is voiced by Natalie Grace (T-Rex Ranch) as Emma, Broadway artist, recording artist and entertainer Travis Cloer as Edward, Bar Topaz as Newton, Niko Gerentes (Death by Dying) as Sancho, Mr. White, and Bear and Amy Margolis (Law and Order and House) as Mrs. Whit. Producer Roger Chen.

Film festival winner

Accolade Globel Film Competition Film Festival From Oscar winners to hot new talentPelayo de Lario (United Kingdom), Tales of Babylon, Film Feature – Four mob hitmen, a kid, and a gangster boss, intertwine in tales of violence and redemption. An ultra-hip thriller with provocative twists. Colorful characters, deft-direction and a talented cast. Clive Russell (Game of Thrones), Aaron Cobham (The Spanish Princess), Ray Calleja (The Bystanders), Billie Gadsdon (Cruella), Maria Crittell (Pretty Red Dress).

Accolade Globel Film Competition Film Festival From Oscar winners to hot new talentGunasekhar Karri (India), Shaakuntalam, Film Feature – National Film Award winner Gunasekhar delivers the love story of King Dushyantha and Shakuntala, a curse that tears them apart and a destiny that reunites them. A luscious, colorful, gorgeous visual feast – breath taking sets, VFX and adorable CGI characters. Stars: Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Dev Mohan Madhu, Kabir Bedi, Sachin Kadekar, Mohanbabu Manchu, Madhoo.

Accolade Globel Film Competition Film Festival From Oscar winners to hot new talentRichard Bazley (United Kingdom), Confines, Film Short – Deft direction from Emmy-nominee Bazley delivers the story of a tormented man, burdened by the voices in his head and a life of pain and grief. Pushed to the literal edge, he is set to silence them but fate has other ideas. A truthfully raw and impactful performance from Luke F. Dejahang (Bad Company), with Vivien Taylor (Annika), a poignant, eloquent script by Neil Bason.

Accolade Globel Film Competition Film Festival From Oscar winners to hot new talentDwayne Cameron (New Zealand), June, Film Short – A couple deals with a serious diagnosis and 24 hours of raw despair until a transcendent occurrence offers them hope. Compelling performances. Dwayne Cameron (McLaren), Sarah James (Holding the Sun), John Callen (The Hobbit) lush cinematography Adam Clark (Lord of the Rings,) exceptional effects Emmy-Nominated Charlie Tait (Guardians of the Galaxy).

Accolade Globel Film Competition Film Festival From Oscar winners to hot new talentWeidong Zhang (China), High Speed Train Man, Animation – A doomsday, high-tech action animation – a space tunnel to the universe, AI freeing itself from humans, mechanical monsters and  humans working with EMU Captian Dafu to save the earth. Creative characters and lushly detailed sets. From KungFu Animation. Stars: Jing Lin (The Infinitors). Jun Hua (writer), Xingxin Li, Zhu Bing Lee (producers).

Accolade Globel Film Competition Film Festival From Oscar winners to hot new talentHong Kong Competition Commission (Hong Kong), COMPETE: Cartel Hunters, TV Series – Co-produced and aired on RTHK, a docudrama of real-life law cases handled by the Commission. Vivid characters and an upbeat plot. A talented cast delivers engaging shows. Alan Luk Chun-kwong, (The Gutter), Jennifer Yu Heung-ying, (Sisterhood), Himmy Wong Ting-him (Still Human) and Angel Lam Chin-ting.

Accolade Globel Film Competition Film Festival From Oscar winners to hot new talentDennis Trombly (USA), Man in the Mountain, Film Short – A family has been protecting secrets of alien encounters on their land. Two people reunite a decade after their encounter – and unravel secrets with the help of a mysterious scientist. Intriguing story with compelling VFX – Fernado Lupo. Stars Jay Disney (Hank), Debbie Gerber (The End of the World), Nimo Pinchart (Loud Voices, Silent Streets).

Accolade Globel Film Competition Film Festival From Oscar winners to hot new talentMikhail Shklofsky (Russia), Give Way to The Right, Film Short – To end her abusive relationship, Sasha leaves her husband, with her daughter, mother and beloved dog. During a traffic jam, she has a panic attack worsened by her mother’s response. Talented actors vividly portray emotional duress with pathos and a dash of humor. Olga Lerman (Etyudy o svobode), Tatiana Matyukhova (Zolotaya tescha), Antonnia Boyko.

Accolade Globel Film Competition Film Festival From Oscar winners to hot new talentYunhong Pu (China / USA), Go Through the Dark, Doc Feature – Guanglin is a blind boy in China with great skill at the complicated board game GO. Raised by a single father with limited means, he faces deep societal prejudice against the blind, soul-crushing family dynamics, and a need to be obedient in a world where he has no voice. Poignant and moving. Produced by Emmy-winner Jean Tsien (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon).

Accolade Globel Film Competition Film Festival From Oscar winners to hot new talentLulu (Jung) Chen (Canada), The Market, Animation (Student) – A young woman finds herself in a haven for lost souls after a tragic experience. With no recollection of her past, she travels deeper into The Market, where fragments of her memories become obstacles she must overcome in her journey towards inner peace. Against the backdrop of gorgeous artwork it is a beautifully crafted metaphor, for life’s traumas and the search for healing.

  Award of Excellence words

Aineias Babulis (United Kingdom), GOING HOME, Actor: Leading (Ken Stamp as Arthur Lee)
Alex Balcells Querol (Spain), The Giraffe, Animation
Amartya Sinha (India), Asampurno- The Relentless Search, LGBTQ+
Bela Wolf (USA), SHE WAS LEFT ALONE, Script / Writer
Björn Granberg Ahlmark (Sweden), What a Match, Animation, Humor / Humorist, Sound Editing / Sound Mixing
Bob Celli (USA), My Over There, Actress: Leading (Penny Fuller as Lenore McDowell), Editing (Bob Celli), Film Short, Original Score, History / Biographical
Bryan Reinhart (USA), Forever Wild (formerly The Valley), Documentary Feature
Dennis Trombly (USA), Man in the Mountain, Actor: Leading (Jay Disney as Larry Knight), Original Score, Script / Writer, Special Effects: Animation, Cinematography, Creativity / Originality
Dr. Cecilia Choi (USA), Kombucha Cure, Actor: Supporting (Jasper Cole as Theo), Actress: Supporting (Denise Boutte as Gabriela)
Dwayne Cameron (New Zealand), JUNE, Direction, Editing (Dwayne Cameron and Peter Roberts), Experimental, Actor: Leading (Dwayne Cameron as David), Cinematography (Adam Clark), Special Effects: Animation, Script / Writer (Dwayne Cameron)
Eduardo Barrachina (Spain), Heroines of the Savannah, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Elena Tkachuk (Russia), Шанс / Chance, Film Short

Guido Ponzini and Mattia Bergonzi (Italy), We Are Toys, Animation
Gunasekhar Karri (India), Shaakuntalam, Direction, Cinematography, Asian, Costume Design (Neeta Lulla), Original Score (Manisharma)
Helene Zhuge (China), The Road to Learning, Documentary Short
Hong Kong Competition Commission (Hong Kong), COMPETE: Cartel Hunters, Educational / Instructional / Training
Igor Zuikov (Russia), Foetus / Плод, Film Short
Jared Gagnon-Palick (USA), Live To Farm, Direction, Documentary Short, Editing, Reality Programming, Television – Program / Series
Jerri Curry, Ph.D. (USA), A Storybook for Adults and Other Children:  For Mental Health Professionals, Teachers and Families, Children / Family Programming, Educational / Instructional / Training, Original Score
John Martin (United Arab Emirates), Sir Bu Nu’ayr Island – Nature’s Haven, Documentary Feature
John Parr (United Kingdom), Unconquered, Original Score
John Vamvas (Canada), Scarpedicemente, Film Feature, Actor: Leading (John Vamvas as Luigi), Actress: Leading (Olga Montes as Holly)
Juliana Tafur (USA), INDIVISIBLES, Documentary Feature

Kevin Michael Irvine (USA), RAGZI & THE DANSEUSE, Script / Writer
Kristina Kuza (Russia), Mushroom Hunt / Девушка и Грибник, Film Short
Ky Dickens (USA), Show Her The Money, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers, Cinematography, Editing
Luis Arrieta (Mexico), April Fool’s Day, Latin / Hispanic, Ensemble Cast
Lulu (Jung) Chen, Sheridan College (Canada), The Market, Art Direction (Student), Film Short (Student)
Maddox Chuen Won Chen (USA), Grandpa Cherry Blossom, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Asian (Student)
Manuel Matos Barbosa (Portugal), The Antiquary, Animation
Martin Neely (United Kingdom), INFECTION – GROUND ZERO, Film Short, Original Score (Composed by Chris Burgess), Special Effects: Animation
Mike Hill, Moonshine Agency (Australia), Live the Life You Please, Documentary Feature, Health / Medicine / Science
Navesink River Productions/All In Films/Michelle Danner (USA), Miranda’s Victim, Actress: Leading (Abigail Breslin as Trish), Actress: Supporting (Mireille Enos as Zeola), Direction, Ensemble Cast, Original Score (Composed by Holly Amber-Church)
Pelayo de Lario (United Kingdom), TALES OF BABYLON, Editing, Direction, Art Direction, Actor: Leading (Aaron Cobham as Y), Actor: Leading (Ray Calleja as X)
Pey-Yune Hu (Taiwan), Public Science, Public Art –Ocean by my side, Documentary Program / Series

Phil Comeau (Canada), ROOTS, DIASPORA & WAR, Documentary Short, Direction, Editing
Philly Chick Pictures, Curt Wiser and Brooke Lewis Bellas (USA), A Voice In Violet, Ensemble Cast, Narration / Voiceover Talent, Script / Writer (Curt Wiser), Original Score (Composed by Michael Trapp & Fawn)
Richard Bazley (United Kingdom), Confines, Actor: Leading (Luke F. Dejahang as Man), Direction, Script / Writer (Neil Bason)
Steve Boyle (USA), The First Amendment and the Right to Record Police, Documentary Short
Stu Gamble (Hungary), Stationheads, Television – Pilot Program, Direction
Taekyu Kwon (Korea), The Front Line, Animation, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Dramatic Impact
Takashi Inoue and Matsuda Natsuki (Japan), The Land of Sky, Home of the Thang-ka Painters, Documentary Feature
Thomas Nyffeler and Joe Hoster (Switzerland), Mio, Original Score
Tony Kelly (Ireland), The Hurler (A Campion’s Tale), Film Feature, Actor: Leading (Tony Kelly as Gar Campion), Actress: Leading (Elva Trill as Ruby Vercetti)
Trent J. DiGiulio and Larry L. Sheffield (USA), Oppenheimer After Trinity, Documentary Feature
Weidong Zhang (China), Nezha the Little Hero, Animation
Xinsong Liu (China), Legend of Young Su Dongpo, Animation
Yen Wen ru and Chang Yuan yu, Forestry Bureau and Visionway Communication Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), When Worlds Collide: A Formosan Black Bear’s Deadly Dance with Civilization, Documentary Feature, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Yi Lin (China), Go Beyond, Children / Family Programming, Script / Writer (Hanwen Zhang)
Yong Jun Su (China), Season Elves, Animation, Children / Family Programming
Yong Jun Su (China), Environmental Task Force, Animation
Yunhong Pu (USA), GO THROUGH THE DARK, Children / Family Programming (Student)

Björn Granberg Ahlmark (Sweden), What a Match, Animation
Guido Ponzini, Mattia Bergonzi (Italy), We are Toys, Animation
Lulu (Jung) Chen (Canada), The Market, Animation (Student)
Manuel Matos Barbosa (Portugal), The Antiquary, Animation
Taekyu Kwon (Korea), The Front Line, Animation
Weidong Zhang (China), High Speed Train Man, Animation
Weidong Zhang (China), Nezha the Little Hero, Animation
Xinsong Liu, (China), Legend of Young Su Dongpo, Animation
Yong Jun Su (China), Season Elves, Animation
Yong Jun Su (China), Environmental Task Force, Animation

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