Awards of Recognition November 2021

Film festival awards

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Aaron Christian Paderewski (USA), The Curse of Cain, Film Short (Leona Worcester), Actor: Leading (Paul Stober as Douglas Cain)
Afeez Ahammed (United Arab Emirates), YOUR CALL, Film Short, Direction
Alain Rimbert (France), Delirantissimo, Film Short
Andreas Berger (Austria), High Stakes, Film Feature
Andrei Zagdansky (USA), National Museum, Documentary Feature
Aref Alvandy (USA), Lastovo 46, Christian, Documentary Short
Charlene Elizabeth Doak-Gebauer and Nancy Anne Lynch (Canada), Vulnerable Innocence, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Christine Lavoie-Gagnon (Canada), Confined, Film Short, Dramatic Impact
Craig Calman (USA), Skidoo Ruins, Film Short

Recognition Colorful

Daniel Huang (Taiwan), The talented Ceia Zhou, Asian, Interview / Talk Show
Dave Craighead (USA), The Last Light, Film Short, Cinematography
Davide Comelli (Italy), Chiù Funk Mo’, Actor: Leading (Emilio Sioli Legnani as Nidio Casorcio), Actor: Supporting (Nicolò Cavalcanti di Verbicaro as Palmiro Di Ruoppolo), Animation (Vittorio Guarienti di Brenzone), Music Video (Directed by Davide Comelli)
Derickson K. Lawrence (USA), Closing  the Wealth Gap, Documentary Feature
Elizabeth Usher, Christine Parker, F-M Cossey and Ben Chai (Australia), Not Alone Anymore, Special Purpose Productions
Erin Hill (USA), Erin Hill: Eleanor Rigby, Music Video, Women Filmmakers
Francis Wu (USA), Never Too Late To Be A Hero, Public Service Programming / PSA
Giampiero Torello (Italy), Fearless, Creativity / Originality
Girard Tecson (USA), Natural Starter, Asian
Haley Keegan (USA), Everlasting Tape, Experimental


Recognition Colorful

Jeanne Young, Blaine Santos, Manuel Fernandez and Michael Fredianelli (USA), Breathe, Television – Pilot Program
Jim Middleton (USA)
, Seule Tod, Animation
Joseph Messer (USA), I Am The Candidate, Music Video, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Kamali Culpepper (USA), Melatonin, Movie Trailer, Women Filmmakers
Lachi (USA), The Off Beat with Lachi, Web Series
Lanessa Miller (USA), Broke and Bloody, Animation, Music Video
M. Kaplan (USA), Liar-In-Chief: A Chronicle of the Trump Presidency Through the Eyes of An Outraged Graphic Artist, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Madison Strain and Jennifer Buttell (USA), My Buzzin’ Bee, Concept
Michael Chin and Debbie Arnold (USA), The Wages of Sin, Christian, African American
Mohammad Hossein Zalbak and Ben Cyran (Belgium), Selftherapy, Film Short (Student)

Recognition Colorful

Porter Justus (USA), Thoughts and Prayers, Film Short
Preach R. Sun (USA), THE FISHERMAN, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Ray Knowledge and Ashante P.T. Stokes, Serving the Peace (USA), SfTK (Service for The King)  The Movie, Christian, Film Short
Renad Enikeev (Russian Federation), Red zone. COVID-19., Documentary Short
Sarah B. Downey (USA), A Cowboy’s Boys, Special Effects: Non-Animation / Stunts
Sebastian Nandryka (Spain), Crop Season, Actor: Leading (Jack Jagodka as Sean), Film Short
Shein Mezour (Australia), Shahé, Documentary Feature, Direction
Shein Mezour (Australia), Burning for Love, Documentary Feature, Editing
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), A virtual spiritual tour of Miaoli Taiwan, Asian, Tourism / Travel and The dream lovers, Asian and Hollywood dream is not a dream, Asian and Ernest, History / Biographical
Takayuki Kayano (Japan), Retake, Actor: Leading (Tamio Araki as.Yukio Sawagishi), Actress: Supporting (Keiko Shimokawa as Mai Funasaka), Asian, Film Short
TD Benton (USA), I Didn’t Come Here to Die, Experimental, Music Video
Tom Weston (USA), There be Monsters!, Animation
Tonya McKinny (USA), Interstate, Women Filmmakers
Willem Aerts (Netherlands), Looking for Curtis, Documentary Short, Cinematography (Wilko van Oosterhout)


Accolade film festival winners