Awards of Recognition November 2022

Film festival awards

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Adam R. Smith (USA), Blockchain – Innovation or Illusion, Web / Internet Programming
Armyn Naderi (Iran), A Borrowed Life, Film Short
Luciano Barsuglia (USA), Amber Road, Ensemble Cast, Film Feature, Direction
Brad Perrott (USA), The Brad & Sonny Show – Season Finale, Web Series
Charles Billot (USA), Ghost, Music Video
Cherie Kerr (USA), The 3rd Annual Matricher Falls Internationel Film Festival, Film Feature, Movie Trailer
Cherish Cullins, TriSeraphic Productions & Georgia State University (USA), Living the Dream, Film Short
Cody Louis Cohen (USA), Gold Coast, Movie Trailer
Craig Oty (USA), Psyche Obscura, Experimental, Creativity / Originality
Dan T. Hall (USA), Greek Fire – Demon Spirit, Actor: Leading (Moli Hall as Faith), Editing
David Lowe and Charlotte Lowe (USA), Peer Gynt, Children / Family Programming
Di Yi (China), The Story of the Opera, Children / Family Programming
Don Tjernagel (USA), Flirts, Film Feature
Emmitt H. Thrower (USA), Disabled Artist Showcase: Creating Our Spaces, Disability Issues
Enzo Zelocchi (USA), No War, Actor: Leading (Enzo Zelocchi as John)
Eric Jon Boerner (USA), Cat You Cant Beat, Music Video
Ethan Felizzari (USA), Crossing, Latin / Hispanic
Eva-Marie Fredric (USA), Luna, Latin / Hispanic, Original Song (Composed by Munkihaid and Eva-Marie Fredric)

Recognition Colorful

Eva-Marie Fredric (USA), ROSIE, Music Video
Franklin Marshall III (USA), Franklin’s Comedy Book, Film Feature
Gaya Thirchy (USA), Amma’s Ashes, Film Short (Student)
Hallie Harper (USA), Made with Love, Documentary Feature
Hamilton Scudder (USA), Indoraptor Wants a Dr Pepper, Film Short (Student), Animation (Student)
James Chen (Taiwan), Energy for the 7 brothers, Asian
Jaymz Bee and Michele Silva-Neto (Canada), Wild Music, Film Short, Direction
Jeff Sommer-Zervos (USA), 2022 Europa Landing, Editing
Jim Ford (USA), Cheers Around the World, Documentary Short
Jim Ford (USA), Like, Comment, Subscribe & Follow Me Everywhere!, Web / Internet Programming
Joey White and Sabrina Dubner (USA), Rough Waters Run Deepest, Film Short (Student)
Judith Coppinger (Ireland), Lucas & the Witch, Children / Family Programming
Karen Goodman (USA), Dybbuk Remix: Dancing Between Worlds, Jewish, Women Filmmakers
Kenny Tiller (USA), Art of the Hustle Ep.1 (Pilot), Television – Pilot Program
Liam Wan Lui Martin (USA), Once Upon a Time by the Sea, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Luigi Bonizzato (Italy), VIOLATOR, Film Short, Creativity / Originality
Mae Edwards (USA), I.M.L.A. ~ A Musical Graphic Novel, LGBTQ+, Web / Internet Programming, Women Filmmakers, Television – Program / Series


Recognition Colorful

Maria Marshall (United Kingdom), Super Ego Shootout, Women Filmmakers
Michael Bohacz (USA), Arise Robot Minds (v1.2), Music Video, Remixes / Mashups, Concept
Michael Tiranoff (USA), Portrait of a Weaver, Documentary Feature, Editing
Miguel Angel Castillo Garcia (Spain), CARPE DIEM, Actor: Leading (Luis Fernandez de Eribe as Abuelo Luis), Actress: Leading (Maria del Mar García Rubira as Maria del Mar), Direction (Miguel Angel Castillo Garcia), Film Feature, Latin / Hispanic
Peter Strupp (USA), Cold Service, Film Short
Ramon Castillanes Tenoso and Peter D Deocos (United Kingdom), KATAGMAN, Documentary Short
Rex Dane (USA), SHIVA, Actor: Leading (Rex Dane as Shiva), Dramatic Impact
Robert T. (Tom) Reed (USA), Chasing Times, Film Short
Rodney Roldan (USA), Country and Courage, Narration / Voiceover Talent (Rodney Roldan)
Ronald Keith Salmon (Canada), Song of the Bison, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Creativity / Originality
Sabrina Dubner (USA), The Interns, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Samuel Taylor (USA), AT THE MERCY OF FAITH – Alternative Horror, Script / Writer
Samuel Taylor (USA), AT THE MERCY OF FAITH, Script / Writer
Samuel Taylor (USA), AT THE MERCY OF FAITH – Terror Version, Script / Writer
Shaila Rahman Tithi (Bangladesh), Juddho Joyer Kishore Nayak, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
Shihyun Wang (USA), Nostradamus on disaster – “Drought” warnings, Editing
Shihyun Wang (USA), No money, no credit, no problem, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Susan Mey Lee Lim, Christina Teenz Tan and Samudra Kajal Saikia (USA), Timeless – Orchestral version, Animation, Film Short, Music Video
Thaddeus Pickard (USA), Thaddeus, Television – Pilot Program
Victor Charles Dean (USA), Hand-Me-Down Christmas, Animation, Direction
Vikentiy Ekimov (Russia), До самого края / To The Edge, Film Short (Student)

Recognition Colorful


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