Awards of Recognition June 2015

Film festival awards

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Alexander Leiss (USA)
, The Way We Were, Documentary Short (Student)
Angel Jackson (USA), Aca, Women Filmmakers
Arthur Anderson (USA), Studio City, Television – Pilot Program
Carl Sommer (USA), The Country Mouse and The City Mouse, Children / Family Programming and  The Emperor’s New Clothes, Children / Family Programming
Chelsea Motherwell, Regent University (USA), The Dream Machine, Film Short (Student)
Chris Cush (USA), Connect, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Chris Flook (USA), The Primacy of Place, Title / Credit Design
Claudia Adams (USA), DRY-CLEAN ONLY, Health / Medicine / Science
Darlene Sellers and Heath Ward, Chop Socky Boom Films (USA), Chop Socky Boom – Ep V – the Day Job, Actress: Leading (Khanh Doan as Khanh, the Dragon Warrior), Choreography
Dana Teppert (USA), The Afflicted, Television – Pilot Program
Ellen Stanton (USA), Manta Ray Ballet, Documentary Short
Emily Faulkner (Canada), Step, Film Short (Student)
Emily McMartin (USA), Heroine, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Harald Winkler (Malta), Ducky Duck, Animation
Ian Bellinger (United Kingdom), Sarah, Disability Issues (Student)
Inaya Graciana Yusuf (USA), Minding Our Own, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Editing
Ingrid Nachstern and Luca Truffarelli, A Night Star Dance Company Production (Ireland), Table Manners/Stopping Red Lights, Film Short
Jeff Bassetti (USA), Children of the Dead [Concept Trailer], Movie Trailer
Jeffrey Richards (USA), Virtus, Documentary Short
Ji Li (USA), Sakura Kids, Film Short
Jonathan & Wendilyn Emrys (USA), The Man In The Red Suit, Original Score (The Man In The Red Suit composed by Eros Cartechini), Lighting (Holly Ratafia), Actor: Leading (David Tucker as Perry Roussel)
Kaustubh Chilwarwar (USA), saving(s), Film Short
Kerry Chalmers (Canada), Queer, LGBT
Matthew Van Vorst (USA), Tri-State, Webisode
Kristian Messere (Canada), Ace on Fire, Film Feature, Actor: Leading (Kristian Messere as Ace), Actor: Supporting (Rowland Pidlubny as Roach)
Larry Rosen (USA), Bloody Slumber Party, Film Feature
Li Pengfei (China), Heaven’s Will, Documentary Feature
Marilyn Metta (Australia), How I Became A Refugee, Documentary Short
Marisela Delgado (USA), Monday, Film Short
Mark Pirro (USA), Rage of Innocence, Film Feature
Mark Roeder (USA), Fire Ripples, Film Short
Mary Lou Belli (USA), Straight Eye for the Gay Guy, LGBT
Matthew Deitsch (USA), Anonymous Factor, Public Service Programming / PSA
Michael Giannantonio (USA), True Love, Film Short
Nick Henley (USA), Get Got, Film Short
Noam Edry (Israel), Alia, Disability Issues
Pablo Gomez (Mexico), In the moon, Latin/Hispanic
Rasheed Bailey (United Kingdom), Transitions, LGBT (Student)
Rhys Taylor (United Kingdom), The Watcher, Film Short
Richard J. McCollough (USA), The Art of The Environment 2014, Television – Program / Series
Robert McBride (USA), Ray Gets Robbed: Da Bear, Webisode
Ron San Marchi (USA), Out On The Tracks, LGBT
Ron Trejo (USA), METHE, Film Short (Student)
Rosie Darch & Katie Schwartz (USA), 25 & Counting, Television – Pilot Program
Roxi Khan (United Kingdom), Save My Soul, Film Short and Save My Soul, Movie Trailer
Svetlana Koseniv (Canada), I WISH YOU LOVE, Actress: Leading (Christina Schimmel as Lidia), Women Filmmakers
Teddy Gyi (USA), Refuge, Film Feature
Teymour Ghaderi (Iran), It Hit Upon the Roof, Film Short
Toko Shiiki (USA), Threshold: Whispers of Fukushima, Documentary Feature, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Wade Chitwood (USA), Rocket Man And The Aerial Fortress, Film Short
Will Kahane (USA), The Prayer That Leads, Jewish
Ye-eun. Son. (Korea), Hi, Children / Family Programming (Student), Special Effects: Animation (Student)

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