Winners August 2020

Accolade winners

Antony Ginnane, FG Film Productions Never Too Late 

Accolade Global Film Competition
Antony Ginnane, FG Film Productions (Australia), Never Too Late, Film Feature –  Oscar-nominee James Cromwell (The Green Mile) leads this all-star cast in an amusing and poignant tale of seniors escaping the confines of society’s rules and ultimately living their dreams. When a nursing home stands in the way of a 50-year courtship, four grumpy old Vietnam Vets unite to re-enact the great escape. They may have lost their memory and speed, but these renegades prove it’s never too late for new adventures, even if you have to break rules. Playful direction from Mark Lamprell (A Few Less Men) and a talented professional crew bring their stories to light. Stars: two-time Oscar-nominee Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook), Dennis Waterman (The Sweeney), Jack Thompson (Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones), Shane Jacobson (Kenny).

Chadden Hunter Seven Worlds One Planet – South America

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival

Chadden Hunter (United Kingdom), Seven Worlds One Planet — South America, Nature / Wildlife – BAFTA-winner & EMMY- nominee Hunter (Planet Earth 2) and his incredible team deliver the gold-standard in wildlife filmmaking with their work on Seven Worlds – One Planet. Wildlife filmmakers are a special breed – 332 filming days and 5-weeks for one sequence – Seven Worlds captured the natural world in South America in truly extraordinary ways. Injured puma fighting for her cubs, intelligent leaping fish, penguins weaving their way through a minefield of snapping sea lions, Andean bears scaling 30-metre trees in search of elusive fruits and so much more. Breathtaking cinematography and rare glimpses in the natural world rarely seen. Hunter ensures strict honoring and integrity of their wild subjects during filming and that the critical message of conservation is artfully woven into the film. Narration from the iconic Emmy & BAFTA- winner Sir David Attenborough. Exceptional images from his BAFTA-winning cinematography team, music by Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer & Emmy-nominee Jacob Shea. Mesmerizing from beginning to end. Presented by BBC.

Pedro Pires – Alexandre the Fool / Alexander Odyssey

Accolade Global Film Competition Festival
Pedro Pires (Canada)
, Alexandre the Fool / Alexander Odyssey, Doc Feature – Emmy-winner Pires – delivers a sensationally unique doc exploring the journey of a man with schizophrenia, Alex, who seeks his place in the world by pursuing an artistic journey and a quest for love that pushes him beyond his usual emotional boundaries. Skillfully combining journalistic documentation with artistic creation, stunning, exceptionally cinematic filming and imaginative edits – it reveals Pires’s desire to situate the subject in the present and the concrete. It is a film that is all at once an intimate, disturbing and sublime odyssey but unquestionably filmed with respect for Alex’s journey.

Film festival winner

Accolade Global Film Competition Festival Philip Harder (USA), Tuscaloosa, Film Feature – Against the backdrop of Vietnam protests and racial tensions of 1972 – college grad Billy finds his plans changing when he falls in love with a free-spirited inmate at his father’s mental institution. Examines life, love, loss and complex social issues of the times with authentic performances by a talented cast. Emmy- winner Tate Donovan, SAG- winner Natalia Dyer, Billy Mitchell, Marchánt Davis.

Accolade Global Film Competition Film FestivalNorman Stone (United Kingdom), The Final Fix, Doc Feature – Narrated by Emmy-winner Ewan McGregor, it follows drug abusers through a trial of NET (Neuro Electric Therapy) – which claims to take people off addiction within a week with minimal effects and no future cravings. Emmy and BAFTA – winning director Stone delivers a truly compelling look at a game changing treatment and the reasons it is being rejected by the “system”.

Accolade Global Film Competition Film FestivalGibelys Coronado (Venezuela), Two Autumns in Paris, Film Feature – Told through flashbacks of memories 25 years later a striking political activist and refugee from Paraguay escapes to Paris and falls in love with a rich law student changing their lives forever.  The beauty of their love is challenged by a fervent devotion to fighting for a cause. Stars: Maria Antonieta Hidalgo, Francisco Villarroel, Slavko Sorman, Juan Belgrave.

Accolade Global Film Competition Film FestivalBrian Metcalf (USA), Adverse, Film Feature – An all-star action flick about a rideshare driver and his sister in debt to a dangerous crime syndicate. Oscar-nominee Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler), Oscar-nominee Sean Astin (The Lord of the Ring Trilogy), Golden Globe- nominee Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba), Golden Globe-nominee Penelope Ann Miller (The Artist), Thomas Ian Nicholas (Walt Before Mickey).

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival Jesse O’Brien (Australia), Two Heads Creek, Film Feature – An extravagant comedy / horror romp and potent political satire on bigotry and nationalism. A butcher and his drama queen sister from the UK go to Australia to find their mother. Vivid irony, hilarious situations and lively performances by a very talented cast. Jordan Waller, Kathryn Wilder, Gary Sweet, Helen Dallimore, Kerry Armstrong, Stephen Hunter, Gregory J. Fryer.

Accolade Global Film Festival CompetitionKlaus Naumann, Naumann Film GmbH (Germany), Just Sixt, Sales / Branding / Product – Sixt is the largest German car rental provider with 160,000 vehicles. With deft direction and stunning cinematography – this spot conveys the feeling of life made possible by Sixt. It’s not just driving a car. It provides experiences that from a fun excursions to celebrities to a journey into space.

Accolade Global Film Competition Film FestivalDesiree Abeyta (USA), An Invitation to Tea, Film Short – A disheartened millennial is encouraged to reconnect with the magical stories of her youth when she returns to her childhood home after the death of her grandfather. A charming look at life lessons with the help of a little childhood magic. Stars Christopher Shyer (The Blacklist), Jaimi Paige (Bizzoli & Isles) with charming special effects by Chris Crutchfield.

Accolade Global Film Festival CompetitionDaniel McMellen (USA), The Garage, Film Short – A summer job changes everything for a young man in Indiana. Coming of age set against the backdrop of summer heat, father-figures, dangerously insane co-workers and a homicidal Hotpoint. Stars: Jay Lay (How I Met Your Mother), Jack Coghlan (Jamall & Gerald), Harry Marsh. With a solidly supportive score from Grammy-winner Oskar Cartaya.

Accolade Global Film Festival CompetitionCharles Sharman-Cox (United Kingdom), Los Angeles Fever Dream, LGBT – A deeply moving and compelling short where the lives of three disparate gay men collide over a Los Angeles holiday weekend. A phenomenally poignant script by Godfrey Hamilton, expertly directed by Sharman-Cox with a pitch-perfect performance by Mark Pinkosh who plays all three roles with aching authenticity.

Accolade Global Film Festival CompetitionJo Meuris (USA), Aurora, Animation – Once upon a time, there was a little girl who fell in love with a beautiful horse named Aurora. Expressively animated in an innocent drawing-style that evokes storybook illustrations – it beautifully puts the focus on timeless, poignant lessons on life – and experiences all viewers can relate to. Aurora is a bittersweet story about love, friendship, and growing up.

 Award of Excellence words

Adam Weber (Australia), The Body, Film Short, Script / Writer (Adam Weber)
AJ Smith (USA), Here & Gone, Asian, Film Short
Alan Williams (USA), Batguy, Original Score (Music by Alan Williams)
Antony Ginnane, FG Film Productions (Australia) Pty Ltd (Australia), Never Too Late, Actor: Leading (James Cromwell as Bronson)
Beth Riesgraf (USA), MAIL COMPANION, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Brian Metcalf, Black Jellybeans Productions (USA), Adverse, Direction
Brice Blanloeil and Jean-Sébastien Duinjdam (France), Moonflake : Space for Imagination, Commercial / Infomercial, Special Effects: Non-Animation
Cam Cowan (USA), OPEKA, Documentary Feature
Caris Vujcec (USA), Pepper: Ricochet, Television – Program / Series, Direction (Caris Vujcec), Actress: Leading (Caris Vujcec as Pepper), Cinematography (James Parsons and Christian Stadach)
Carmen Stadler (Switzerland), SEKURITAS, Film Feature
Charles Sharman-Cox (United Kingdom), Los Angeles Fever Dream, Actor: Leading (Mark Pinkosh as Bradley, Nikolai and Gary)
Chelsea McEvoy (Canada), Re-Inventing The Wheel, Disability Issues
Dan Tudor (Romania), WHITE, Actor: Leading (Dan Tudor as Liviu Pușcaș and A man)
Daniel Troia (USA), We Are All In This Together, Documentary Feature, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Denny Klein (USA), An Inconvenient Time, History / Biographical
Desiree Abeyta (USA), An Invitation to Tea, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Jaimi Paige as Laura)
Dušan Davidov (Slovakia), The Wetland, Documentary Short, Editing

Elke Sasse (Germany), Displaced – Tomatoes und Greed – The Exodus of Ghana´s Farmers, Documentary Short
Francis Yamoah (United Kingdom), What Just Happened?, Film Short
Gibelys Coronado (Venezuela), Two Autumns in Paris, Actor: Supporting (Francisco Villarroel as Antonio (adult))
Henna Taylor (USA), A Thousand Ways To Kiss The Ground, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Hong Long Syu, Fifth Maintenance Office Directorate General of Highways, MOTC (Taiwan), All-Season Glow – Alishan Highway’s Firefly Revival, Public Service Programming / PSA, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Sound Editing / Sound Mixing, Videography, Documentary Short, Cinematography, Editing
Jane Velez-Mitchell (USA), Countdown to Year Zero, Documentary Short
Jesse O’Brien (Australia), Two Heads Creek, Women Filmmakers (Jayne Chard and Vickie Guest)
Jo Meuris (Canada/USA), Aurora, Children / Family Programming
Joe Lam (USA), Fugitive Zero, Concept
Joel Clark (USA), Middle of Nowhere, Television – Program / Series
Joseph Neuman (USA), Say It with Your Vest, Actress: Leading (Lisa Christine Holmberg as Kiera Lewton)
Kay Rubacek (USA), Finding Courage, Documentary Feature
Ken Sagoes (USA), The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie, African American
Klaus Naumann, Naumann Film GmbH (Germany), Just SIXT, Direction, Editing, Concept
Klaus Naumann, Naumann Film GmbH (Germany), MAN TG3, Industrial / Technical / Business, Direction, Cinematography, Editing
M.Lo Giudice and F. Petronzio (Italy), life in a box, Film Short, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Mariusz Kuczewski (Poland), No Place like Lockdown, Film Short

Mark Brennan (United Kingdom), Squall, Film Short, Cinematography
Mark Street and Fiona Cochrane (Australia), CAN ART STOP A BULLET: William Kelly’s Big Picture, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Documentary Feature
Matt Mullins (USA), 2 Bullet Solution, Web Tube Length Video
Mayo Clinic (USA), A Cheerful Heart:  The Dave Madden Story, History / Biographical, Special Purpose Productions
Mayo Clinic (USA), Breathing Space:  One Family’s Journey From Nazi Germany to Mayo Clinic, History / Biographical, Special Purpose Productions
Mayo Clinic (USA), Maud Mellish Wilson:  A Singular Voice, History / Biographical, Special Purpose Productions
Mayo Clinic (USA), Living and Loving:  The Life of Edith Graham Mayo, Special Purpose Productions
Mayo Clinic (USA), To Teach, to Learn, To Serve:  The Mayo Brothers in the World, History / Biographical, Special Purpose Productions
Nadia Tass (USA), Oleg:  The Oleg Vidov Story, Documentary Feature
Paul Lacovara (USA), 38 Minutes, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Philip Winchester as John)
Phil Mastman (USA), The Legend of Stan Bowman, Documentary Short
Rob Heydon (USA), Isabelle, Film Feature
Russell Southam (Australia), Black Heart, Red Hands, Sound Editing / Sound Mixing
Sal Tassone (USA), POST-GRADUATE, Actor: Leading (John J. Vogel as Joe Krazinski), Script / Writer (Scott Hoffman)
Stephen Drury Phillips and Kayle J Morgan (USA), Apocalyptic Life, LGBT
Stephen Keep Mills (USA), Love is not Love, Film Feature, Actress: Leading (Louise Martin as Paula), Actor: Supporting (Russell Simpson as Construction Worker 1), Cinematography (Steven Fadellin), Original Score (Composed by Kinny Landrum)
Stephen Sepher (USA), Dead on Arrival, Film Feature
StudioX School of Animation and Vfx (USA), REDEMPTION, Animation
Tim Firtion (USA), The Jersey Connection: S2 Premiere, Actor: Leading (Peter Greene as Jordan Blaine)
Ting-Wen Lo (Taiwan), Mission-Bat Redemption, Documentary Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Editing
Xin Li (Australia), Two Little People, Animation (Student)

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