Awards of Recognition August 2020

Film festival awards

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Abhishek Basu (India), TRUSS UP, Film Short
Ali Soltanian Fard Jahromi and Fatimah Soltanian Fard Jahromi (New Zealand), Vampria: The Toothless Vampire, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Children / Family Programming
Andrea Gandini (France), APRIL IS THE CRUELLEST MONTH, Film Short
April Campion (USA), In a Single Day, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational, Children / Family Programming, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Asha Chai-Chang (USA), Spoiler Alert, Film Short, Direction
Carla Sacco (Canada), A Kind Era, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Casey Grant (USA), U-105 / American Strongman in India, Documentary Feature
Christian Hammons and Eric Coombs Esmail (USA), Rumor, Actress: Leading (Sophia Hammons as Rumor Johnson)
Cliff Skelton (Canada), Not Your Average Bear, Film Short
Connor Moran and Joel Primus (Canada), Raising Global Citizens, Documentary Feature
Craig Huckerby (Canada), WAS I NEXT – THE SEAN CRIBBIN STORY 2020, Documentary Feature, LGBT
Damian Overton and Ed Cali (Australia), LUCA AND ISO, Film Short
Dan Smith (United Kingdom), Game Over, Documentary Short (Student)
Dennis Siren (Canada), The Documentation of Walter Redinger Ghostship to Stadium, Documentary Feature
Diego Jimenez (Canada), Unstable, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Dylan Duff (Canada), Perspective, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Eddie DeBartolo (USA), Mansion on Maybelle Street – A Short Horror Film, Experimental (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Eddie DeBartolo (USA), Fear Thy Forest-A Short Horror Film, Experimental (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Eliza Gerontakis and Michael Flood (USA), Attack the Rack, African American, Actor: Leading (Michael Flood as Frank)
Elizabeth Usher and Renée Jonas (Australia), Two Arms Apart, Music Video
Esther Mira (USA), Inn Communication, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Editing (Skylar V. Smith)

Recognition Colorful

Fella Cederbaum (USA), What It Means, Film Short, Original Score (What It Means composed by Fella Cederbaum)
Fella Cederbaum (USA), Steal Time, Film Short, Original Score (Steal Time From Yourself composed by Fella Cederbaum)
Gajendra Vava (India), GRANDMA TOY, Actress: Supporting (Mrs Roslin as Meenakshi Amma)
Gary M. Sanner (USA), Derivative, Music Video, Original Score (Composed by Gary M. Sanner)
‘H’ John Mejia, In the Zone TV, LLC (USA), Tampa Bay’s Dancing With the Stars, Entertainment / Drama / Dance / Variety, Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
Hans-Juergen Ramoth and Jana Entenmann (Germany), CREDO, Religion / Ethics
Isioro Jaboro (Canada), Molly’s Love Story, African American
JayaPrakash Telangana (USA), March, African American, Film Short
Jeanne Taylor (USA), Mrs. Carmody & Mrs. Jellineck: A Brush With Murder!, Web Series, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Jeanne Taylor as Mrs. Carmody & Mrs. Jellineck)
Jillian Reeves (USA), Broken, Film Short, African American
Joe Benedetto (USA), The Audition, Actress: Leading (Michelle Procida as Annie)
Johnny Vonneumann (USA), An American In Europe, Experimental, Music Video
Julia Deak (Hungary), Future Fractal, Film Short
Julia Levanne and Myhraliza Aala (USA), Brightside, Asian
Julian Green (USA), Elsagate, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Kat Johnston and Kristina Drager (USA), Everybody Hates Hipsters Episodes 3 and 10, Actress: Supporting (Megan Cordero as Myra Arundel)
Kate Bohan (USA), Kayla, Actress: Leading (Kayla Victoria Bohan as Kayla Bohan), Children / Family Programming, Women Filmmakers
Kayla V Bohan (USA), Right Here For You, Music Video


Recognition Colorful

Lallan Samaroo, Larry Horrell (Trinidad and Tobago), FRUITVILLE, Animation, Children / Family Programming, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Script / Writer (Lallan Samaroo and Larry Horrell)
Lauren Campedelli (USA), A Good Shake, Original Song (Score by Ben Hochberg)
Lea Welles (USA), Travel Today with Lea, Webisode (Dana Point)
Lorena Sopi (Kosovo), SCHAUERFILM, Film Short
Maria Carpenter (USA), Learning to Keep the Planet Green, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Marie Wilson (Canada), Interlude, Film Short
Mark Rose (USA), Alaska Long Hunters, Special Effects: Non-Animation
Mark Tyler Rénfro (India), The Vibes, Film Short, Creativity / Originality
Marty Roberts (USA), Running The Bases, Script / Writer, Christian
Matthew Aird (USA), The Search for the Cheeseman, Documentary Feature, Original Score (Treat Me Right composed by Matthew Aird and performed by Vicious Kitty Band)
Michael McLennan (Australia), A Tea Party for Sad People, Actress: Supporting (Tihanna Vulcik as Joy), Script / Writer (Cathy Friend original screenplay, adapted by Michael McLennan)
Michael Monteiro (USA), To Kill A Cop, Movie Trailer
Moira Rowan (United Kingdom), If  You Can Walk, You Can Dance, Music Video, Women Filmmakers, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Mr. Carlos E. Pacheco (USA), Isolation, Film Short, Latin / Hispanic
Nancye Ferguson (USA), SUE, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Natalie Jean featuring Darick dds Spears (USA), We Kneel, Music Video, Original Song (We Kneel composed by Natalie Jean)
Neel Menon (India), Girls Should Stay At Home, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Paul A. Mortsolf (USA), Rest Stop, Film Short
Pauline A. Greenlick and Leonard  Lies (USA), The Most Important Number is One, Documentary Short

Recognition Colorful

Peter Babakitis (USA), The Journeyman, Actor: Supporting (Mark Petrakis as Stravos), Actor: Supporting (Brian Narelle as Kurt Waldenstein), Actress: Supporting (Madeline Merritt as Rachel)
Peter Stewart (USA), Choose Love, Documentary Short
Rafael Cortes (United Kingdom), Clones, Film Short
Randy Schmidt (Japan), Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Animation
Roberto Puzzo (Germany), Dream Vision Reality, Actor: Supporting (Calvin E. Burke as Amuf)
Rod Power (Australia), TimeBOY the next adventure, Children / Family Programming
Rod Power (Australia), TimeBOY just the numbers, Children / Family Programming
Roman Fernandez (USA), ONWARD & UPWARD – Bill Aucoin 10th Anniversary Commemoration, Special Purpose Productions
Rong-Hua Chuang (Taiwan), Cou, Tourism / Travel, Film Short
Sara Jacques (USA), WHITENESS, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student)
Scott Johnson (Canada), Follow Leader, Experimental (Student)
Scott Payne (United Kingdom), ABSINTHE, Film Short
Shawn Johnson (USA), Play Me, Film Short
Shihyun Wang (USA), Driving through Pandemic, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Shihyun Wang (USA), Marilyn, History / Biographical
Susan Kouguell (USA), BUOYANCY, Experimental
Thorsten Schade (Germany), The Invitation (Die Einladung), Actress: Supporting (Maria Liedhegener as Elsbeth Birkenholz)
Tobin Cleary (USA), The Meeting Spot, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Vibhas P. A. Kendzia (USA), AWAKENING TO SPIRIT – Inner Peace To World Peace, Documentary Short


Accolade film festival winners