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After Forever – Michael Slade & Kevin Spirtas

Accolade Global Film Competition Awards

Tina Cesa Ward (USA), After Forever, Digital Drama /Web Series – Created by Michael Slade & Kevin SpirtasAfter Forever is a five-Emmy award-winning series that is funny, heartbreaking, heartwarming and ultimately empowering – resonating with audiences of all ages and sexual identities. It creatively explores relationships, healing, grief and new beginnings. The focus is a 50-ish married couple, Brian and Jason, their friends and family, as they deal with a major loss. Season 2 episodes brilliantly weave together the stages of the grieving process with current story lines and emotional flashbacks. Pitch-perfect performances by an exceptionally talented cast, led by on-point direction, poignant and astute writing and outstanding overall production values. Written by multiple Emmy-winner Michael Slade, directed by Academy of Web TV award winner Tina Cesa Ward, produced by Emmy-winner Alliaon Vanore. Stars:  Emmy-winner Kevin Spirtas (Days of Our Lives), Emmy-nominee Mitchell Anderson (Party of Five), David Dean Bottrell (The Blacklist), SAG-nominated Bill Brochtrup (Shameless), Emmy-winner Erin Cherry (Sunday’s With A Cherry on Top), Emmy & Tony nominated Anita Gillete (Moonstruck), Emmy-nominee Lenny Wolpe (Wicked), Emmy-nominee Mary Beth Peil (The Good Wife), Christopher J. Hanke (Breaking Fast), Emmy-nominated & Tony-winner Cady Huffman (The Producers), Peter Kim (Saturday Church), Robert Emmet Lunney (Famous Blue Raincoat), Mike McGowan (Here and Now), Finn Douglas (House of Cards).

Film festival winner

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalKavi Raz Studios and Minhas Films (Canada), Barefoot Warriors, Film Feature – A disgraced American soccer star seeks to redeem himself but ends up fulfilling dreams for a village in India. Stunning cinematography, exceptional lighting and touching performances. Sean Faris (Pearl Harbor), Mukul Dev (Omerta), Rajpal Yadav (Jungle), Rajen Toor (My Country) an inspired performance by Kavi Raz. Producer Jatinder Jay Minhas.

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalRob Margolies (USA), Yes, Film Feature – A washed up, alcoholic, child star – whose life was ruined by a scandal, mentors a talented 17-year old boy as his acting coach. An innocent lesson turns into something that  changes their lives forever. A poignant script, skillful direction and authentic passionate performances. SAG winner Nolan Gould (Modern Family), Tim Realbuto (The Sopranos). Four-time Emmy winner Jared Safier, Producer

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalFernando Bonelli (Spain), Planet Earth Calling Ana, Film Short – A touching story of hearing-impaired Ana and her beloved Juan as they navigate through their most turbulent communication ever. Excellent performances drive this film carried along with a gorgeous soundtrack. Stars Laia Manzanares and Javier Pereira. Music by Fernando Bonelli, Juan Antonio Simarro & Alex Piñeiro.

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalAdrian Bol (United Kingdom), Legacy of Lies, Film Feature – When ex-CIA agent’s daughter is kidnapped by Russian agents he is forced to team up with Sasha, a mysterious Ukrainian woman to track down a video incriminating the Russian government. Intense, action oriented with intriguing characters. Stars Scott Adkins (Undisputed 2), Honor Kneafsey (Miss You Already), Martin McDougall (Hyde Park on Hudson), Tetiana Nosenko.

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalAleksandras Brokas (Lithuania), Pray, Music Video – A creative and visually picturesque video based on the underlying principle of fractals – reflecting the world from mini to macro scale in patterns. Everything repeats of different levels which ultimately highlights the idea of oneness. Director Brokas skillfully weaves pop star Gintare Kubiliute‘s catchy song into a lush story of unique angles and visual beats. Featuring Leon Somov.

Accolade Global Film Awards FestivalToma Enache (Romania), Between Pain and Amen, Film Feature – An excruciatingly authentic account of the brutal and inhumane conditions of a torture “re-education” prison in communist Romania. Skillful direction, stunning cinematography along with excellent lighting and sound design support painfully real performances by talented actors. Constantin Cotimanis (Epicenter), Vali Popescu, Ioachim Ciobanu (The Cardinal).

Accolade Global Film Awards FestivalAlireza Kazemipour (Iran), The Blue Bed, Film Short – Zahra is a middle-aged woman who visits a temporary marriage agency for a young working girl. Negar who has never had a female client, becomes suspicious of Zahra’s intent and sexual orientation until the real truth is revealed. Poignant, stirring with skillful direction and outstanding performances. Stars Bita Beygi, Anahita Eghbalnejad.

Accolade Global Film Awards FestivalAnders Klapp (Sweden), Sagarmatha – A Trek to the World’s Highest Mountain, Nature/Environment – An inventive twist on a journey doc. Klapp’s stunning visuals combined with a script both amusing and poetic – makes an inspiring journey of reflection and purpose. Acutely felt without him ever appearing on screen – making the star the Himalayas and the people who call them home. Legendary guide Chhiring Dorje Sherpa.

Accolade Global Film Competition Festival89 Dreams (Thailand), Scholar, TV Pilot Program – When a mischievous freshman loses his college fund, he cons his way into an exclusive scholarship, only to realize that nothing comes for free. A lovely and crafty girl reveals a juicy mystery to uncover. Upbeat direction from Apiwat Bunchalaksi. Charming performances from Kittisak Patomburana (Netflix The Stranded), Chicha Amatayakul (Girl from Nowhere)

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalChristian Antonini and Tanice Arnold (USA), Stick to Manual, Animation – When a curious robot finds a seemingly worthless book, he discovers that the knowledge within is truly priceless. Through a series of seeming mishaps, he learns the true meaning of value. A unique premise and delightful animation by an outstanding team at the University of Central Florida animation department.

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalHsun-Chun Chuang (Taiwan), Mazu Pilgrimage, Animation (Student) – A beautifully animated and touching piece used to promote the annual pilgrimage to worship the patron goddess of seafarers, Mazu. One of the most well-known deities in Taiwan and China – every year, more than 400,000 followers join this 9-days pilgrimage. Creative and expressive with a stirring message. (Knock Knock Animation studios)

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalVanita Omung Kumar (India), Ave Maria, Film Short – Director Kumar’s (Mary Kom) story confronting child sexual abuse and the devastating consequences. 8-year old Maria is unwilling to verbally communicate and is isolated and withdrawn. Her parents cope in their own fragile ways. Only when she adopts a puppet does she find a way to share her voice. Shivika Rishi (Bharat), Annup Sonii (Chintu), Lin Laishram (Rangoon).

 Award of Excellence words

89 Dreams (Thailand), Scholar, Comedy Program / Series
Adrian Bol (United Kingdom), Legacy of Lies, Direction
Anthony Sarracco (Canada), TENDENZA, Documentary Feature, Cinematography
Brenda Whitehall (Canada), Little Oliver, Actress: Leading (Angela Galanopoulos as Olivia)
Brice Blanloeil (France), 8102 ARIM, Commercial / Infomercial, Editing
C.G. Ryche (USA), The Color of Red, Film Short, Direction
Carlos Milite (Italy), PLANT, Original Score (Plant Theme Soundtrack composed by Fabrizio Licheri)
Christian Antonini and Tanice Arnold (USA), Stick To Manual, Children / Family Programming (Student)
Conny Conrad (Germany), Live Your Life Today, Original Song (Live your life today composed by Conny Conrad)
Craig McMahon (USA), Sweet Sunshine, Actor: Leading (John Way as TJ Millhouse), Christian
Dan ‘danidge’ Lowenstein (United Kingdom), EGO, Experimental, Creativity / Originality
David Arond (USA), The One and Only Jewish Miss America, Documentary Feature
Dmitriy Shpilenok and Vladislav Grishin (Russia), Sockeye Salmon. Red fish, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Eric M. Klein and Dax Phelan (USA), FINAL MOMENTS, Public Service Programming / PSA, Direction (Dax Phelan)
Fernando Bonelli (Spain), Planet Earth calling Ana, Actress: Leading (Laia Manzanares as Ana), Original Score (Planet Earth calling Ana – composed by Juan Antonio Simarro and Fernando Bonelli), Direction
Hsun-Chun Chuang (Taiwan), Mazu Pilgrimage, Direction (Student)

Jan Woletz and Stefan Polasek (Austria), WIENERLAND, Actor: Leading (David Wurawa as Kramer)
Jasmine Vahidsafa (USA), Sharp as Stone, Animation (Student), Original Score (Composed by Marcy Nabors)
Josh Garvin (USA), Oakdale, 1959, Actress: Leading (Terry Kaye as Mrs. Wallace), Film Short
Julio César Bolívar (USA), HEROE, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Kavi Raz, Minhas Films and Kavi Raz Studios (Canada), Barefoot Warriors, Actor: Leading (Sean Faris as Christian Paliski), Actor: Supporting (Kavi Raz as Manna Singh), Asian, Direction
Kenna Hornibrook (USA), Delivery, Animation (Student), Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student), Sound Editing / Sound Mixing (Student)
Les Zig (Australia), Little Diva Rising – Pilot Episode, Television – Pilot Program, Mockumentary
Mirra Bank (USA), No Fear No Favor, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Women Filmmakers
Peter Sacco (Canada), NEW DAY NEW WORLD, Public Service Programming / PSA
Rob Margolies (USA), Yes, Actor: Leading (Tim Realbuto as Patrick Nolan)
Shareable (USA), The Response: How Puerto Ricans Are Restoring Power to the People, Documentary Short, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
SJ Creazzo (USA), Skipping Stones, Film Feature
Steve Haisman and Clive Howard (United Kingdom), Slava’s Journey: Secrets of Snow, Documentary Feature, Editing
Steven Turner (Norway), Experience Rindal – Story of the Rindalsbunad, Tourism / Travel
Tam Jackson (USA), Neonatal, Actress: Leading (Tam Jackson as Martha)
Tina Cesa Ward (USA), After Forever, LGBT
Tom Weston (USA), Daisy, Animation, Children / Family Programming, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (Tony Impieri), Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Toma Enache (Romania), BETWEEN PAIN AND AMEN, Direction
Vanita Omung Kumar (India), Ave Maria, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Xin Li (Australia), The Winter, Animation (Student), Art Direction (Student)

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