Awards of Recognition March 2016

Film festival awards

Award of Recognition words JPGAdam Henry Garcia (USA), Conversations From the Afterlife – TV Pilot, Television – Pilot Program
Adam Henry Garcia (USA), Conversations From the Afterlife – Episode 8, Webisode
Aleksey Berdennikov (Russia), Oldjha, Film Feature
Allan (Woll) Walley (New Zealand), Louie and the Hotsticks (Local Heroes National Nobodies), Documentary Short (Student)
Angela Robinson Witherspoon (USA), Wish Me Luck, Women Filmmakers
Angie Walls (USA), Redmonton, Webisode, Actress: Leading (Amber Gwin as Caroline)
Ariana Bundy (UAE), Ariana’s Persian Kitchen, Television – Program / Series
Betsy Haley Hershey (USA), Today is the Day, Documentary Short
Brendan Kelly (USA), Jane and the House of Miracles, Film Feature
Brian McQuery (USA), Intruder, Film Short
Cameron Hope (USA), That Summer, Film Feature
Carolina Brandes (Italy), Silence Score, Music Video
Christel Veraart (USA), Winter Solstice, Music Video
Craig Horwitz and Anthony J. Vollmer (USA), The Mayo Conspiracy, Film Feature
Dalton Narine (USA), MasMan, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
David M. Korn  (USA), Men and Women Talk About Clothes (Not a Film by Neil Labute), Film Short
Doug Jacobson (USA), The Passion Preacher, Television – Pilot Program
Edwin E. Brochin (USA), Spirit of the Bull, Documentary Feature
Felix Schwadorf (Germany), The Groundskeeper, Film Short
George Tynan Crowley (USA), Cleopatra Backstage, Script / Writer (George Tynan Crowley), Actor: Leading (George Tynan Crowley as Fred), Actress: Leading (Pamela Guest as Elyse DeMeyers/Cleopatra)

Recognition Colorful

Geri Cosenza (USA), Elephant in the Room, Documentary Short (Student)
Giacomo Boeri and Matteo Grimaldi (Italy), The Flying Gardeners, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Gladys Contreras (USA), Eye of the Turkey, Animation (Student)
Isaac Kerlow (Singapore), TIME ROJAK, Film Feature
J.A. Steel and Christian K. Koch (USA), Death Key:  Origins, Film Short
Jaclyn Bethany (USA), Between Departures, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Jaclyn Bethany as Ava)
Jacob Kipping (United Kingdom), Will you be mime?, Film Short (Student)
James Hu (USA), Dead Unanimity, Film Short
Jeremy Nelson, Nicole Nelson (USA), Misalignment, Film Short
Joseph O’Haire (USA), Rumpel4Skin, Television – Pilot Program
Justin McAleece (USA), Fan 27, Film Short
Kathy Bruner (USA), The Glassmakers: Exploring an Indiana Tradition, Documentary Short (Student)
Lik Sang Chan (Hong Kong), 1937 The Lost World’s Love, Film Feature
Louis Cooley (USA), BRATTIX, The Last Man on Earth, Web Series Pilot, Webisode (Student)
Maharajan Shanmuga Sundaram (India), Pesum Parai (The Talking Drum), Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Disability Issues
Malcolm A Benson (United Kingdom), Return of The Don, Film Feature
Mario Domina (USA), Jack the Ripper: Reality and Myth, Movie Trailer
Michael Austin (USA), R. Tucker Thompson, Journey, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Michelle Tocher (Canada), Soul Fish, Film Short
Neda Shademan (New Zealand), In the Blink of an Eye, Film Short (Student)

Recognition Colorful

Nelson Quan (USA), Chasing Shadows, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Nigel A. Wilson (USA), Song In A Day, Documentary Short
Paula Saslow (USA), DIABLO, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Pavan Kaul and Kaveeta Oberoi Kaul (India), The Answer, Special Purpose Productions
Rachel Breitag (USA), (IM)MORAL, Film Short
Reggie Talley (USA), Brave, Film Short
Rey Barrera (USA), El Piñatero: The Legend of Simon Alejandro De La Peña, Movie Trailer
Robert Cantrell (USA), Sharks of War: Truth, Tales, and Terror, Documentary Short
Robert D Frye (USA), The Promise of Agriculture, Web Tube Length Video
Robert Frye (USA), Planting Corn In Iowa, Experimental
Robert Frye (USA), Controlled Burn, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Salome Tkebuchava (USA), Georgian Dance, Documentary Short (Student)
Samir  Patil (New Zealand), True Birth, Film Short
Scarlet Perez (USA), BIPOLAR & CHEESE, Film Short
Scott L Wyatt, Jon Smith and Lee Byers, Southern Utah University (USA), Back Up the Mountain, Direction, Editing
Sharkey Street Ministries (USA), Who Will Move the Stone, Christian
Sneha Shrotri (USA), Unfathomable Reality, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Stanislava Buevich (United Kingdom), Self-Control, Women Filmmakers
Teri Marlowe and Priyom Haider (USA), Match.con, Film Short
Tyler Johnson, Robert Millett and Nathan Banister (USA), ONE, Film Short (Student)
Wasef El-Kharouf (USA), The Deadlight, Film Short (Student)
Yoko Kubota (USA), IMPERATIVE SHIFT ~Fukushima, Tip of the Iceberg~, Documentary Short