Awards of Merit November 2015

Film festival awards

Award of Merit Special MentionFilm Festival Accolade

American Hero Films (USA)Voiceless, Christian, Film Feature
Ben Cura, Tough Dance Ltd., (United Kingdom)Creditors, Film Feature, Editing (Teresa Font), Script / Writer (Adaptation by Ben Cura), Original Score (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed by Nina Aranda)
Ben Rider (United Kingdom)Seven Devils, Actor: Supporting (Cornelius Geaney Jr as Andrew / Porgy)
Caris Vujcec (USA)The Pepper Project Pilot, Actress: Leading (Caris Vujcecas Pepper)
David Bertran (USA)Synapse, Movie Trailer (Student)
Jesus Navarro (Spain)DREAMS OF SALT, Original Song (Sueños de Sal)
Joon Young So (South Korea)Illusion, Experimental (Student)
Joseph Pelegreen (USA)Hourglass, Film Short (Student)
Julia Pajot and Dominique Monfery (France)Au Fil de l’ Eau, Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
Kristin Verbitsky (USA)MOTHER OF SORROWS, Film Short, Script / Writer, Direction, Editing, Cinematography, Women Filmmakers
Krystle Houiess and Sharif Abdunnur (Lebanon)Maskoun, Film Feature, Creativity / Originality, Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
Michele Specht (USA)Star Trek Continues – Divided We Stand, Actor: Leading (Vic Mignogna as Captain James T. Kirk)
Mickaël Schapira Villain (France)Incomplete, Film Short
Mike Allen (USA)Solo Project, Film Feature
R.M. Moses (United Kingdom)Signs Of Silence, Film Short
Roger C. Memos (USA)Marsha Hunt’s Sweet Adversity, Documentary Feature
Tyler Lionel Parr (Canada)IRONIED, Film Short
Vincent Veloso (USA)CHANGELINGS:Cambions:kæmbi?ns Episode 3: Descension, Webisode

Film festival awards

Agusta Fanney Snorradottir (Iceland)Human Timebombs, Women Filmmakers
Alexander Feist (Germany)Alone against Al Qaeda, Documentary Short
Amanda Serra and Linda Palmer, Poke In The Eye Productions, LLC (USA)CARBON DATING: EPISODE 1: THE ART OF MEETING MEN – TERPSICHORE – THE MUSE OF DANCE, Webisode, Women Filmmakers
Anette Leiterer, Deutsche Welle (Germany)Finland: forgotten children of German soldiers, Documentary Short
Antony Sandoval (USA)Medea Redux, Experimental
Beecher Reuning, Regent University (USA)A Pointless Pencil, Film Short (Student)
Ben Rider (United Kingdom)Seven Devils, Film Feature, Direction, Actress: Supporting (Julia Pappas Rita / Scarecrow)
Bill Gebhart (USA)A Patriotic Education: To Remember.  To Pass It On.  And Never To Forget., Documentary Short
Brandon Chappell, Charter Road Productions Inc. special thanks to the Academy of Art University (USA)REPROGRAMMED, Christian (Student)
Chia Lin Tan (Taiwan)Those Invisibles, Drama Program / Series
Chris Turner (Canada)Hour of Code, Educational / Instructional / Training
Cleo Tellier (Canada)The Silence, Creativity / Originality, Concept, Cinematography
Colin Downey (Ireland)DARIA, Film Feature
Conor Ibrahiem (United Kingdom)Freesia, Islamic
Cristhian Andrews (USA)One Second Changes Everything, Actress: Leading (Ruya Koman as Audrey)
Dafna Peled (Israel)Virgin Susie And The Holy Sisters From Petah-Tikva, Television – Pilot Program (Student)
Dan Horrigan (United Kingdom)Devotion, Actress: Supporting (Augustina Seymour as Tanya), Actor: Leading (Tim Daish as Craig)
David Hovan (Canada)SHATTERED, Experimental
Dean Winkler (USA)Race Up Race Down, Music Video
Emmett Jack Lundberg (USA)BROTHERS “Max”, LGBT
Emmitt H. Thrower (USA)Where Is Hope: The Art of Murder, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Disability Issues
Eric Simon (USA)What’s Going On with Wolves?, Documentary Feature
Eve Ash, Seven Dimensions (Australia)Boosting Emotional Intelligence, Cutting Edge Communication Series, Educational / Instructional / Training

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Gunnar Koehne (Germany)
A refugee tries to get ahead, Documentary Short
Hassan Salih (Switzerland)AWAT THE KURD WITNESS, Film Short
Iyabo Kwayana and Ivan Rodrigues (USA)Macarrão, Film Short (Student)
Jan Hendrik Verstraten (United Kingdom)I AM HENRY, Film Short
Jason Cabell and Asif Akbar (USA)Smoke Filled Lungs, Film Feature, African American, Actor: Leading (Jason Cabell as Edward Cable)
Jaswant Dev Shrestha, Team Work Film Production Nepal (NEPAL/USA)Mustang Secrets Beyond the Himalayas, Documentary Feature
Jeanne Marie Hallacy (Thailand)THIS KIND OF LOVE, LGBT
Jennifer Jessum (USA)Red Earth Calling, Film Short
Jesus Navarro (Spain)DREAMS OF SALT, Documentary Feature, Original Score (Sueños de Sal)
Joe Fiorello, Anjo Films (Hong Kong)Love Stalk, Film Feature, Actress: Leading (Angie P. as Sharon Ong), Actor: Leading (Ronan Pak as Ryan Tam), Actress: Supporting (Dada Lo as Joan Wong), Direction
Joon Young So (South Korea)Illusion, Film Short (Student)
Judson Vaughan (United Kingdom)Soul Breaker, Film Short
Justin Chambers, Crevice Entertainment Company LLC. (USA)American Bred, Film Feature
Katie Hoffman (USA)A Worthy Fight, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Kenneth Sanabria (Costa Rica)Insomnia, Film Short, Script / Writer, Direction, Editing, Actor: Leading (Eric Calderon as Caesar), Actor: Supporting (Kenneth Sanabria as Doctor), Actress: Supporting (Karina Bejarano as Brenda), Art Direction, Original Score (insomnia composed by Kenneth Jiménez Arias), Sound Editing / Sound Mixing, Cinematography
Kevin R. Free, Eevin Hartsough, Matt Scott (USA)Gemma & The Bear, Webisode
Krystle Houiess and Sharif Abdunnur (Lebanon)Maskoun, Direction, Script / Writer, Actress: Leading (Leila Ben Khalifa as Leila), Actor: Leading (Wissam Hanna as Wissam)
Loren M. Lambert (USA)The Evanescence of Hope, Documentary Feature
Louis Cooley, Jr. (USA)REPPLICATTIONN, Film Short (Student)
Luca Machnich (Italy)THE EVE -SHORT MOVIE 2015, Film Short
Luca Riccio and Liudmila Zhiltsova (Italy)G. Puccini – Turandot “Tu che di gel sei cinta…”, Music Video
Lucien Noe (USA)Beyond Strength, Documentary Feature
Maksim Varfolomeev (India)Reconnection, Film Short
Manan Singh Katohora (USA)MARGARET, Film Short

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Matthew Killian (USA)The Thief of Always – Book Trailer, Animation (Student) and The Brothers Brimm, Animation (Student)
Michael Manning and Paul Weller (USA)Bloodborne Pathogen: Universal Precautions, Educational / Instructional / Training, Industrial / Technical / Business
Michelle Clay (USA)Better Half, LGBT
Natalie DeFord (USA)These Four Years, Documentary Short
Nicola Pascucci (Italy)Vacanza, Music Video
Oliver J. Crooms IV (USA)Keep The Dream Alive, Music Video
Pablo Frasconi (USA)The Light at Walden, Experimental
Peilin Kuo (USA)To Die or To Dream, Asian American
Peter Davison (USA)Timberline (music video), Music Video
Puthima Wongdeeprasith (USA)The Journey, Animation (Student)
Rick Mowat (USA)A Cat’s Tale, Film Feature
Roberta Cantow (USA)Accordions Rising, Documentary Feature
Rocco Nisivoccia Jr. (USA)Zombies vs. Joe Alien, Film Feature
Ronald Marquisee (USA)Impossible Choice: The Play Within, LGBT
Ruben Maria Soriquez (Philippines)Of Sinners and Saints, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Samuel Aguirre (Argentina)Disappeared, Experimental
Sarita Siegel and Gregg Mitman (USA)In the Shadow of Ebola, Documentary Short
Sriram Vegaraju (USA)Oridevudoy, Asian American
Stephen Baker and Howard Cook (USA)Tiny Town, Animation (Student)
Susanne Doerhage, Deutsche Welle (Germany)France: How Charlie’s Doing, Documentary Short
Tom Bremer (USA)The Cursed Actor, Film Short and  Runners Part 2, Animation (Student)
Tony Lindsay (USA)Where Hearts Lie, Film Feature
Toy Lei (USA)Boxer, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Toy Lei as Boxer)
Veit-Ulrich Braun, Deutsche Welle (Germany)Switzerland/Italy: The guardian angel of fugitives, Documentary Short
Yu-Nien Chien and Soobum Park (USA)Revolutionary Rabbit, Animation (Student)
Yuval Sussler (USA)Split Frames, Film Short