Awards of Recognition November 2015

Film festival awards

Award of Recognition words JPGAlex Leu, Wolf Circle Productions (USA)The Promise, Actor: Leading (Alex Kruz as Adamu)
Alexander Lenzi (USA)Drexel, Film Short
Andrew Schwarz (USA)Separation, Film Short (Student)
Angela Atwood (USA)Freebie, Film Short
Arvind Narale (Canada)Viloma…discovery in duality, Experimental
Ben Rider (United Kingdom)Seven Devils, Script / Writer
Caleb Phipps (USA)Twice Owned, Film Short
Carlos Etzio Roman, Roman Pictures (USA)Touching Yonder: Replay, Webisode, Actor: Leading (Tom Lyle as Grandpa)
Chia Lin Tan (Taiwan)Those Invisibles, Script / Writer, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Christian Borman (USA)Charlie’s Backyard, Film Short
Chu-Jen Wu (USA)Paper Tiger, Film Short (Student)
Cindy Iodice (USA)The Bridge, Film Short
Dabney “Hank” Hamner (USA)Through The Looking Glass, Experimental (Student)
Dante Tanikie-Montagnani (United Kingdom)Maasai 10th Lost Tribe of Israel, Documentary Feature
Devashish Sargam, Moonwhite Films (India)KILL HAND, Film Short
Elham Madani (USA)Do not kill, Brother!, Documentary Short (Student)
Ellen Burns (USA)Water from the Moon, Film Short (Student)
Emmett Weinstein (USA)The Little Thief, Film Short (Student)
Emmitt H Thrower (USA)Where Is Hope: The Art of Murder, Documentary Feature

Recognition Colorful

Enrique Rico Diaz (USA)Harmony, Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Frederick Keeve (USA)Cadillac City, Film Short
George M. Goodenough (USA)Three Wooden Crosses, Script / Writer
Gianina Ferreyra (USA)Curly, Documentary Short
Gianlorenzo Albertini (USA)Immortality in Blue, Film Short
Gilad (Gili) Goldschmidt (Israel)THE FIRE DRAGON, Television – Program / Series
Igor Runov (USA)Ave Maria – XX century, Experimental
Ivan Angelov (USA)The Goosey, Film Short
Jan Welt (USA)Bruckner’s Last Finale, Film Feature
Joe Benedetto (USA)Hide The Sausage, Film Short, Direction
Joe Scott (United Kingdom)My Lonely Me, Actress: Leading (Sabrina Dickens as Reiga and Celine)
Jon Smith and Lee Byers (USA)Back Up the Mountain, Film Short, Special Purpose Productions
Lindsey Weissman (USA)Galen Robinson – What You Love Most (Official Music Video), Music Video and Adrenaline Rush, Remixes / Mashups (Student)
Louis Cooley, Jr. (USA)TAP DANCER, AVANT- GARDE, Film Short (Student)
Mary Ann Beyster (USA)The Kitchenistas of National City, Women Filmmakers
Mary Piller (USA)From the Cliff, Women Filmmakers
Matt Thompson (USA)No Hot Ashes, Film Short
Matthew Everett (United Kingdom)Search for the Aswang, Documentary Short
Mike Azevedo (Canada)boy meets boy, Film Short

Recognition Colorful

Minki Hong (USA)Laundromat Superhero, Experimental and A Noodle in the Rain, Remixes / Mashups (Student)
Miriam Abu Sharkh (USA)Life Under Siege, Documentary Feature
Peter Wilson (Australia)The Dog Walkers of Buenos Aires, Documentary Short
Raghav Peri (USA)BAR STUDY, Film Short, Direction, Editing, Actor: Leading (Mike Robinson as Rob)
Richard Wilson (USA)Empty Spaces, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Roberta Cantow (USA)ACCORDIONS Rising – Trailer, Movie Trailer
Ruben Maria Soriquez (Philippines)Of Sinners and Saints, Film Feature, Actor: Leading (Ruben Maria Soriquez as Father Leonardo)
Ryo Saitani (Japan)Cesium and a Tokyo Girl, Film Feature
Savio Sequeira (Ireland)The End of a Journey, Film Short
Sean Pettis and Ariel Erskine (USA)Dear Husband, Film Short
Silvia Kovatchev (USA)Moments From A Sidewalk, Film Feature
Steven Escobar and Joe Castro (USA)TERROR TOONS 3, Experimental, Editing, Special Effects: Non-Animation
Steven Frohardt (USA)Mercy, Christian
Subhash Ahuja (India)Kaamdev to Karrmyogi, Film Feature