Awards of Merit May 2022

Film festival awards

Award of Merit Special MentionFilm Festival Accolade

Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Please Don’t Turn Away, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest

Hao Jing Huang (China), The Wicked, Film Short

Harleen Singh (USA), Good Luck Júlia, Documentary Short

Jenny H. Ledikwe and Isaac Marumo (Botswana), Young Phoenix, Special Purpose Productions

Kevin Schewe (USA), Bad Love Tigers, Script / Writer

Mohsen Salehi Fard (Iran), The Statue (Peykareh), Animation

Nina Kojima (United Kingdom), Brexit Through The Non-political Glass, Documentary Feature (Student)

Quinn Friedman (USA), A Rose from the Ashes, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Mobile / Cell Phone Media

Sie Khalil (USA), Song For Silas, Film Short

Uncharted Studios (USA), Mirror Mirror, Film Short, Creativity / Originality

Wei Zhang (China), Empty Nest, Asian

Yin Jo Ho (Taiwan), Zhuazhou ceremony, Asian (Student), Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)

Zhouxu Zhang (China), Heavenly meeting, Asian (Student)

Film festival awards

Alan J. Chriest (USA), Human Audit, Film Short
Andy Stapp (USA), DESTINATION MARFA, Film Feature
Ayo Liu (Taiwan), The UNINTENDED  JOURNEY, Documentary Feature, Asian
Brad Whitford (United Kingdom), Indigo, Film Short
Candy Lopesino (Spain), THE IBERIANS, Experimental, Cinematography
Chris Mugford (United Kingdom), Silencing History, Documentary Short
Christian Delavie (France), Night Light, Film Short
Cristian Ciorăneanu (Romania), ON THE FOOTSTEPS OF HIS MAJESTY – St. PRICE NEAGOE BASARAB, Christian (Student), History / Biographical (Student)
Crystal Alcantara Cebedo (USA), Nomad: A Lifer’s Journey Through California Corrections, Documentary Feature
David Rives (USA), God’s Living Treasures Volume 3 – Animals of Alaska, Documentary Feature
Doug Williams (USA), The Kronos Protocol – 2022, Script / Writer
Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Please Don’t Turn Away, Music Video

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Emerson Little (USA), In Another Place, Experimental
Justin MacGregor and The Students at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), Is There Anybody Out There? Young Voices From Inside a Pandemic, Documentary Feature, Concept
Kala Shreen (India), ICON – Memoirs of a Master Craftsman, Asian, Women Filmmakers, Religion / Ethics
Kate Bohan (USA), Harper, Film Feature, Direction
Kent Flaagan (USA), THE BROOM, African American
Kent Flaagan (USA), Ten Thousand Camels, Islamic
Li Ban (China), Dust, Experimental
Marisa Cohen and Peter Issac Alexander (USA), The Cloaked Realm “The Knight and the Queen”, Television – Pilot Program, Animation
Mark Bochsler (Canada), SURVIVING BOKATOR, Documentary Feature (Student)
Metîn EWR (Turkey), The Wheel, Film Short
Michael Lasoff (Netherlands), Angels of Dust, Film Feature
Mohsen Afshar (Iran), Painter, Film Short

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Murad Aliyev (USA), The Man From Oghuz: By The Fire, Animation
Quinn Friedman (USA), A Boy’s Best Friend, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Rayhan Shoshi (Bangladesh), DEJA VU, Film Short
Rodney Roldan (USA), Country and Courage, Documentary Short
Schmidt Ocean Institute, Mónika Naranjo-Shepherd (USA), The Art Of Discovery, Women Filmmakers
Scot Stewart (USA), Chasing the Sky, Documentary Feature
Shawn Welling (USA), If I Could Ride, Film Feature
Tara Veneruso and Eric Keith (USA), Girl Unscripted – Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2, Television – Program / Series, Reality Programming
Tina Petrova and Eugene Weis (Canada), Pain Warriors, Direction
Tori Layne (USA), A Horse Called Possum, Women Filmmakers, Direction
Urs Welter (Switzerland), ü75_television_21/22, Animation
Zoya Dimitrova (Bulgaria), Happy Stones, Documentary Feature