Awards of Recognition May 2022

Film festival awards

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Alex Staykov (USA), Marceline Day Documentary, Documentary Program / Series
Alisdair Kitchen (United Kingdom), Opera-tic, Disability Issues
Andrew Heller (USA), Grinders Feature, Film Feature, Actor: Leading (Andrew Heller as Jeb Rakestraw)
Armstrong Jaison (USA), Coming After Me, Christian
Batya G. Cruz and Pam Renall (USA), Blood Dust, Actress: Leading (Batya G. Cruz as Rose)
Bauddhayan Mukherji and Chandan Biswas (India), Charaiveti, Documentary Feature, Editing (Abhro Banerjee)
Candace Wright (USA), Inner Circle, Web Series (Student)
Caroline Herrold (USA), P.O., Animation (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Charles & Mary Love (USA), Cataclysm! Climate Change in the 11th Hour, Documentary Short
Christina Boyd (USA), Roommates, Web Series, Pilot Program / Series
Danielle Ellesse Smith and Avitiuh (USA), Outta Here: Escape the Simulation, Music Video

Recognition Colorful

Dmitriy Arbatov (USA), Penitentiary: Eastern State, Documentary Short
Elles Case (Italy), Nightmares, Actress: Leading (Elles Case as Amy)
Emily Anderson, Kate Battersby, and Elizabeth Usher (USA/Australia), Share Your Messy With Me, Music Video
Erik J. S. DeFries (USA), Happy Loaf, Film Short
Erika Edwards and J.R. Rodriguez (USA), PROPHETS, Script / Writer (Erika Edwards and J.R. Rodriguez)
Franko Figueiredo (United Kingdom), Our Stories Matter, Documentary Short
George Orallo, Karen Tusa and Melva McLean (Canada), Richard the Third, Film Short
Gerelle Forbes (Trinidad and Tobago), The Journey and Impact of Pan on the Move – A 50th Anniversary Tribute to Dr.Ray Holman, Documentary Short
Gerry Gacek (USA), ROLLER COASTER, Music Video
Hisham Zreiq (Germany, Palestine), Don’t Cry, Animation, Film Short
Hunter James Cox (USA), Dog-Gone It!, Film Short
James Chen (Taiwan), Mom’s war time stories, Asian

Recognition Colorful

Jayleen S. Perez (USA), Air B & D, Direction, Actor: Leading (Dan Gregory as Damian), Actress: Leading (Molly Esther Wilson  as Mackenzie)
Jeff Lukeski (USA), Legends of Burkittsville: 3 Days Before Heather Left, Film Short
Jennifer D’Arcy Dial Santoro (USA), Indestructible, Documentary Short
Jessica Roberts (South Africa), Rose, Actress: Leading (Jessica Roberts as Rose), Film Short
Jingtao Xu (China), Breeze in the Sea, Film Short
Kate Bohan (USA), Harper, Actress: Leading (Kayla Bohan as Harper)
Kay L. Sumner (USA), Survivors, Christian
M.Y. Mak (United Kingdom), An Anthology of Vagrants, Animation (Sudent)
Meitar Paz (USA), Invisible Flags, Actress: Leading (Meitar Paz as Emily), Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Women Filmmakers, Ensemble Cast (Michael Welch, Meitar Paz, Mia Sandler and Ryan Jason Situn)
Monica Levinson and Steven Hentges (USA), The Stories of Us, Documentary Feature, Editing, Jewish
Murad Aliyev (USA), The Man From Oghuz: By The Fire, Television – Pilot Program

Recognition Colorful

Mustazha Mustafa (Malaysia), AMANAH RAKYAT (THE TRUST OF THE PEOPLE), Documentary Feature
Pouya Reyhani (Iran), KATOUREH, Film Short
Rodrigo Sena (Brazil), The Traditional Brazilian Family KATU, Documentary Short
Sadie Duarte (Spain), Between Here and Gone, Actor: Leading (Iván Gisbert as Dax), Actor: Supporting (Fernando Corral as Dylan)
Sheng Ting Shen (USA), Bad News, Film Short (Student)
Shireen Crutchfield (USA), Birthday Bash, African American
Taylor Bryce Turner (USA), Grace, Actress: Leading (Student) (Dani Carney as Grace)
Yudi Wu (United Kingdom), <<WANDERLUST>>, Film Short (Student)
Yulia Petrova (USA), Sign of Love, Music Video


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