Awards of Merit June 2015

Film festival awards

Award of Merit Special MentionFilm Festival Accolade

Alexander Feist and Paul Tutsek, Deutsche Welle (Germany), FLIGHT MH 17, Documentary Short
A. L. Lee (USA), the good boy, Film Short, Asian American
Aristofanis Soulikias (Canada), Last Dance on the Main, Animation (Student)
Brent Hoover (USA), The Odyssey of Destiny, Film Feature, Actor: Leading (Zach Pappas as Christian Adkins)
Carlos Dorsey (USA), UNMISTAKEN, Film Short (Student)
Clifton Ko (Hong Kong), Wonder Mama, Film Feature
Correctional Services Department, HKSAR Government (Hong Kong), Shared Mission Unrivalled Challenges, College / University / Government
Curtis James Salt  (USA), TRENT, Film Feature, Actor Leading (Josh Trant as Trent Rothchild), Mention, Actor Supporting Role (Alex Prostano as Ford Callahan), Actress Supporting Role (Parry Burton as Lana Voland)
Daniel Jariod (Spain), Unstoppables, Disability Issues
Françoise Roumanet (France), Locked Outside, Health/Medicine / Science
Hannes Rall (Germany), The Cold Heart, Animation
Jesse Binger and Kaitlyn Johnston (USA), Captive, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Kaitlyn Johnston as Kara)
John Robert Hurley (USA), R & J (the web series), Webisode
Josema Roig (USA), Starman, Film Short
Justin Garcia and Raquel M. Sangalang. Regent University (USA), Terrance, Film Short (Student)
Kane Farabaugh (USA), The Greatest Honor, Movie Trailer
Mark Brocking (United Kingdom), The Barber’s Cut, Film Short
Mark Vogt (USA), A New Way to Learn, Documentary Short (Student)
Mayo Clinic (USA), A Leap of Faith: the Founding of Saint Mary’s Hospital, Special Purpose Films and Our Father Taught Us: A Journey Toward Teamwork, Special Purpose Films
Michail Klioumis (Greece), IN DISTORTION, Experimental
Phil Allocco (USA), THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES, Actor: Leading (Fran Kranz as Gilby Smalls)
Rebecca Campbell (Canada), Kanada Girl, Documentary Short
Sascha Syndicus (Germany), OUR FATHER, Experimental
Sean Yang (Taiwan), Landscape of Taroko, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Stephan Parent (Canada), November 84, Documentary Feature
Stevie Boyle (USA), All Roads Lead to Charlotte, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Documentary Short, Editing (Kem Schmalzer)
Walter Turney (USA), Line to the Wall, Film Short

Film festival awards

Aaron Daniel Taylor and Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker (USA), We Know Not What We Do, Christian
Alexander Feist, Deutsche Welle (Germany), SERBIA`S MISSING BABIES, Documentary Short
Alyssa Davis and Raquel M. Sangalang, Regent University (USA), The Bradbury Cellmate, Film Short (Student)
Amelie Wen (USA), Home, Film Short (Student)
Angel Gonzalez Katarain (Spain), A LA MEDIANOCHE (At nightfall), ‘Moments with Javier Arzuaga  Documentary Feature
Anita Sugimura Holsapple (USA), Battlefield: Home – Through the Lens of the Daughter of a Vietnam Vet, Documentary Feature
Anne O’Neal (USA), Sing Your Own Song, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Antonello ‘Tony” Villani (USA), ROMAN KOSHER, Documentary Short
Arthur Kanegis (USA), The World is My Country, Documentary Feature
Axel Primavesi (Germany), DW Euromaxx Mini Series Season’s Greetings, Miniseries, Documentary Program / Series, On-Camera Talent (Axel Primavesi)
Boundless Productions (Canada), PetValu “Talking Dog” Campaign, Commercial / Infomercial, Sales / Branding / Product Demonstration
Chris Lavelle (USA), Messages of Hope, Documentary Short (Student)
Chris Flook (USA), All Aboard for the American Dream, Cinematography, Direction, Commercial / Infomercial and Ball Brothers Foundation Series: Muncie Civic Theatre, Documentary Short, Nonprofit / Fundraising and Indiana Crossrails: A Transit Choice, Documentary Short, Direction, Editing, Documentary Program / Series and The Primacy of Place, Commercial/Infomercial, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Christopher Nupen (United Kingdom), The Magics of Music, Documentary Feature
C. M. Talkington (USA), Mud Mules & Mountains, Documentary Feature
Darlene Seller and Heath Ward, Chop Socky Boom Films (USA), Chop Socky Boom – Ep V – the Day Job, Webisode
Debbie P. Kelley (USA), Morningside TV Movie Pilot, Television – Pilot Program, Direction, Editing, Creativity / Originality
Deborah C. Hoard (USA), Civil Warriors, African American
Dee Garceau (USA), Remember Fort Pillow, Documentary Short
Dee Garceau (USA), We Sing Where I’m From, Documentary Short
Dennis Kim (Republic of Korea), Elliot, Animation (Student)
Diane Kern (USA), Christopher’s Music, Women Filmmakers
Fran Matera (USA), Cronkite News: The Legacy Lives On, Public Service Programming/PSA, College/University / Government, News / Weather, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery, Remixes / Mashups, Concept and  McBride Services: Beyond Construction, Special Purpose Productions, Sales / Branding / Product Demonstration, Videography
Fred Findley (USA), Busy Beaver – Customer Pledge, Corporate/Employee Communication and  Garnet & Bobby – Cinematic Wedding Highlight, Weddings
Accolade Merit Logo Color
Gunnar Koehne, Deutsche Welle (Germany), MINERS IN DANGER, Documentary Short
Hannes Rall (Germany), Si Lunchai, Animation
Hojin Kim (Republic of Korea), Burglar, Film Short
Hsieh Hung Li (Taiwan), Filial Piety Award, Children / Family Programming (Student)
James Dokko (USA), DINNER AND A MOVIE, Film Short
Jamie Rivera (USA), Fathers, Film Short
Jan Johnson (USA), Chamber Piece, Film Short
Jeff Cogan (USA), Daniel Friederich – Luthier d’Art, Documentary Feature
Jeffrey Barbee (USA) and Mira Dutschke (RSA), The High Cost Of Cheap Gas, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Jennifer Smith (USA), The Minimalist, Film Short
Jeremy La Zelle (USA), Tourism Salvation: Land of the Thunder Dragon, Reality Programming
Jeremy Yung and Henry Poon (Hong Kong, China), The Last Crayon, Educational / Instructional / Training
Jerzy Donus (Sweden), For My Children, Documentary Feature
Jomel Lee Guanzon (USA), Believe, Commercial / Infomercial
Jonatas da Silva, Regent University (USA), Chocolate Pudding, Disability Issues (Student)
Jonathan & Wendilyn Emrys (USA), The Man In The Red Suit, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Keith Boos as Satan), Actress: Leading (Martha Brigham as The Lady In The Green Dress), Cinematography (Dan Wang), Sound Editing/Sound Mixing (David Long and Barbara Delpuech), Women Filmmakers, Direction (Jonathan Emrys), Script/Writer (Jonathan and Wendilyn Emrys), Editing (Qianying Zhou and Pongpat Thongsri), Ensemble Cast, Actor: Leading (Gregory A. Thompson as Santa Claus), Post-Production Overall
Joy Mahaffey (USA), Choices, Women Filmmakers
Justin Ulloa and Jamie Dwyer (USA), Cheese Dog: The Movie, Animation
Kyoko Yokoma (Canada), Between Allah & Me (and Everyone Else), Islamic
Laurie Jaffe and Michael Jaffe (USA), Journey to a Miracle: Freedom from Insulin, Documentary Short
Linda Kruse (USA), Krusing America, Tourism / Travel, Television – Pilot Program, Television – Program / Series, Women Filmmakers, Documentary Program / Series, Children / Family Programming
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McGoldrick Marketing (USA), Statistic, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational, Public Service Programming / PSA, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Script / Writer
Marco Di Gerlando (Italy), LA MOSCA (The Fly), Film Short
Maria Bissell (USA), HoboCop, Women Filmmakers
Mariam Eqbal (USA), In-Between Frames, Experimental, Sound: Overall Impact, Concept, Creativity/Originality
Mark Sonoda (USA), INTERSECTION, Film Feature
Mark Vogt (USA), Arrow: Ambuscade, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Mark Vogt (USA), The Forgetful Future, Actor: Leading (Student) (Kyle Fitzgerald as Darren)
Michael O’Halloran (Australia), Break The Rock Concept Trailer, Movie Trailer
Mika Ela Fisher (France), Männin, Women Filmmakers
Mike Hoolboom (Canada), Scrapbook, Experimental
Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova (Bulgaria), Uncle Tony, Three Fools and the Secret Service, Documentary Feature
Mohammed Yasin Kazali (Singapore), Code RED, Film Short
Noora Albright (USA), I Am Good, Women Filmmakers
Norman Striegel, Deutsche Welle (Germany), CHILDHOOD FOR SALE, Documentary Short
Oldren Romero (USA, Cuba), UNA HISTORIA CON CRISTO Y JESUS, Film Short
Parrish Hurley (USA), The Next Stop, LGBT
Paul Nethercott (USA), Finding Beauty in the Rubble, Documentary Short
Peter Dickson (Australia), The Final Story 1966, Documentary Short
Prof. Maria Luskay, Pace University (USA), Curaçao’s Coral Challenge – Reviving the Rain Forests of the Sea, Documentary Short (Student)
Qing Wang (USA), My Way, Asian American (Student)
Rania Kim Birch (United Kingdom), Tremble, Animation, Music Video
Real Randolph Joseph Florido (Philippines), Third Is My First, Film Feature
Rebecca Zamolo (USA), INSIDE/OUT: My Battle With IBD, Documentary Short
Reet Mae and Tom Mae (Canada), Keepers of the Loom, Documentary Feature
Renza Fechser (USA), Relic, Animation, Film Short
Rica Cueto (Philippines), Charlie with Big Hands, Animation
Richard Attieh (Australia), Everytown Downunder (Part 2), Documentary Feature, Documentary Program / Series, Children / Family Programming, Religion / Ethics, Tourism / Travel, Christian
Richard Sanborn, Regent University (USA), Seven Stages, Film Short (Student)
Rick Limentani (United Kingdom), Put Down, Film Short
Rob Pirie (Australia), Living The Stoke 2 Fiji, Documentary Short, Sports
Robbet Naranjo (Canada), Overcast, Animation
Ron Lechler (USA), The Best Medicine, Documentary Short, Humor / Humorist
Sean Daniel Bauer (USA), El Camino, Film Feature
Simona Piantieri (United Kingdom), A Shaman in London, Documentary Short
Stanlee Ohikhuare (Nigeria), KPIANS – the feast of souls, Film Feature
Stephen Chen (Canada), STILLE STADT, Experimental
Taisia Deeva (Germany), Sasha, Film Short
Taras Demian Groves (United Kingdom), The Professional, Film Feature
Tom Weston (USA), Christopher Wren builds a Cathedral, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Dick Douglass as The Chairman), Actor: Supporting (Nathan Robinson as Harry)
Tyler Ray Johnson, Regent University (USA), Perpetual Music Video, Music Video (Student)
Victoria Frings (USA), After Ever After, Webisode
Virginia Abramovich (Canada), Little Questions, Children / Family Programming
Yucheng Zhao (USA), TWIN LOTUS, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Yusuf Al-Rahman (USA), Niya, Film Feature